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Christmas cheer chris smith beer busy on the bud guest patricia windsors and the christmas killer hello welcome to team creeps the podcast that discusses way pulp fiction and one of your host lindsay cato another one of your hosts kelly new jane today it's the christmas killer by patricia windsor i'm going to go ahead and read the back of the book gascoigne hot gale et so the second log line is she's dreaming of a dead chris smith all right i guess i guess when nancy disappeared rose started having dreams she dream that nancy came to visit her only something was different about nancy she was dead the nancy's body is found and another girl is reported missing rose wishes she could forget about nancy's murder after all it's almost christmas but the dead never sleep and when rose closes her eyes at night nancy's there waiting okay i'm gonna do you think i liked the spell really like i would like i need to find some more patricia wednesday like fuck yao patricia windsor i loved this book you're the thing she doesn't to shore constantly repeat herself no we're not seeing pattern plot over and over no and then resolution yeah um we yet we are not getting bullshit red herrings no no no legit red herrings legit red herring we lova red herring rallied at at host thought he did it i showed i did it may be he is evil 'cause i guess there is a sequel yeah i was like why i want to get the sequel she'll look that up verse is there a sequel so real quick uh rose clear potter which also i loved that she was named rose clear interest and is very of him at all i mean it's a very oldfashioned name mmhmm that's what she says tune so rose clear and her twin brother jerram they when they were a little kind of shared psychic connections sick trains together um ah alison rose is seeing mansi in dreams as the back of the book said she doesn't want these things they start get very intrusive jerram is kind of weird and encouraging her.

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