Iran, Salman, Saudi Arabia discussed on BBC World Service


A price can pull it says the crown princes aggressive action against iran and its allies is a response to the growing strength of iran's revolutionary god whose influence and it is a spreading throughout the middle east you can download our recent programme about that at our website muhammad bin salman may also have had some encouragement from arguably saudi arabia's greatest ally the united states he's met president trump twice this year and trump's soninlaw and senior adviser jared kushner several times it probably is the case that crown prince momma been soman was was basically a given that the signal whether it was intentional or not that he could go ahead and take all these different actions get more aggressive with the iranians abroad and also consolidate his power internally in the united states would support him but i think it's probably also the case that the crown prince's also looking to try to pull the united states on along with him the crown princes feeling that he has us backing may explain another surprise development in the region on the same day muhammad bin salman had scores of fellow prince ism businessman rounded up the prime minister of lebanon sought hariri resigned while in saudi arabia certainly is fascinating that hariri decided to announce his resignation from riyadh the saudi capital not the usual place that a head of government announces his resignation but it seems quite compelling that this was a saudi decision to force hariri to step down saudi arabia has been a major funder of lebanon an its prime minister an attempt to limit its rival iran's influence there it hasn't worked and can pollick says in commending the prime minister to step down.

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