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Oh My. God I gotta I gotta I gotTa woman. I'm letting loose on this will be it'd be busing. Busted Meg every. Day Now. But but. The other thing about like you know. Long term. We're. Bussing. Meg. In late. Night action you wake up the next day start eating the bucks could never. Daven. As a dude I with the as he was younger to meet I do I went to school with like he was younger than me. So like we we weren't we went to the same. We lived in the same area cheviot smart do had A. Lou The worry was dude it tasted his own ship before and has made a vow negative will never be me. I had a never never be. A few were on a bus in their mouth and they WANNA kiss. No Nice stiff arm. That's. What's the problem? Is Yours like? Cool. No Kyushu eat me out There's different. That's different is very different. Now, we gotta understand the double standard is just I mean It is what it is man. It is what it is and plus I mean the equivalent to you know eating a little box and kissing his you know I don. I don't been in there and try to buy some time. Pull Out Star eight node box. You know SC got a different texture to it when I. Shit is. Must Be. A little drab. Could entertain yourself. Yeah. Yeah. I. Mean You know? That's the equivalence to me island about the Boston. They. Let me see what I tasted I. Know What? You know. Where you know coke's bill nation. That's. No disgusted. But yeah, no. Well, I was getting at the being a long term relationship value do learn. A whole lot. Negative about once China. It is like God damned I. Got My fuck. I'm doing. You know what? I'm saying you really got to. You can you can fuck shit up You, definitely. Can't. Are you speaking from experience? Yes. Speaking from Experience Shit up learn latest, you know it's like Definitely. Don't don't be going. They say they'll be going to plan with. Oh Pussy. You Ain't wash the hands you can. You can fuck some shit up Nigga I. Remember this is funny. But one time I have either. xactly get it out. al-Aziz some spicy food the. Our Lady was eaten up. Everything was vibrating in the room. My Lips got high bigger shit. Shit Barton. Stupid Burn. About Lips as hot dish, it was stupid. I. Was just a dump situation. You'll never wanNA find yourself. You know. So don't even know how piano populist. Box any. Riding on. Alert. Milk on there. Had another situation to tell it off Mike Bill and so. You really. Everything is sensitive now for. You to really fuck yourself. A man can focus over. You can fuck yourself up to yeah. Yeah Yeah. Like you can't be doing was doing stupid shit I I'll tell you after Mike My. Personal but yeah, everything insisted they won't and then like. Like sometimes just be happening women by they should just be fucked up for no reason is bin sometimes where like me and Maggie weaned shish wakeup hushes fucked up nothing I'm like God. Damn. I'm glad I ain't got what do you like like be like we're reactions to laundry detergent and Shit like So, yeah. Before, yes. So you really gotta like. Like You can't is you gotta come correct now you can't becoming. Other like not coming figuratively. But. You can't be you can't just be running up in their. You know not taking a shower and washing your hands. We'll see especially if you want that shit the next day. And fuck some shit smell like baked.

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