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Downs when house republicans front winter says deer is still a systemic voter find out there stuff that's not being cars in dallas can continue until the bowling system felt change right now dallas with say there too many opportunities for voter friday to me ways that people cooper tend to be someone else right now you show up to bowl with no idea the late you vote shop at the run precincts the late you vote our side and the voters have some responsibilities and the best example is showing up to the right likes to vote on election and i i do i do think that's a fair statement i think that is the exact thing the democrats a point two saying that disenfranchised is are people cause i keep his friends of their keep because it takes to they have such eight eight eight eight negative horrible demeaning view of their own that they can show up to my place good luck that it to parties have very different ideas about how we should both to general eyes democrats thing to should be as easy as possible republicans don't him being in each of these positions and said helping their side at the polls tougher voter requirements attended disproportionately discourage minority floaters that traditionally helps republicans hire voter turn out of minority voters usually helps the democrats dallas a passionate part is and will keep arguing in keep looking for florida billy keeps losing bites the north carolina state board elections try to fifty seven voter upon complaints was here and dismissed the vast majority of them for those searching for votto fraud it's like they waited all election year and please up their presence christmas morning and there was nothing inside the case was one of these is about show.

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