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Oh and i want the broken universe to be brother bray i want to see broken bray wyatt accompanying broken matt to the ring and put them all in the battle royal have brother or you know what actually in hindsight don't have them in the battle royal have mad hardy in the battle royal and have brother niro and brother bray on the outside just simply there to support matt hardy really drive home that they are disciples and that they are soldiers in the in the i'm sorry now i keep saying broken i meant woken they are their disciples in the woke in war and they are woken warriors they are there simply to support woken mad hardy in his quest to win that andre the giant memorial trophy and i think that that'd be great i think people will lose their minds if they see brother niro and whatever woke in bray looks like i think that that could be a really cool thing and something that adds some personality and some storyline in some reason for being into that andre battle royal because sometimes it it feels like he can be filler that gives it a purpose that's something that i would absolutely add diego says how about john cena in the battle royal win it cut a promo and undertaker he shows up tombstones in them and that's it now no no i think johnson is separate let the royal be about the battle royal let the battle royal be a chance for matt hardy to shine let the battle royal be a chance for mojo to have a spot let the battle royal be a chance for zack ryder to have a spot if you just have john seen a win the battle royal.

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