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A honeymoon Vicki Barker CBS news you know it's got WWL sport things started out rough in this movie king center for the pelicans but they ended up hopefully Portland one thirty eight to one seventeen as I on Williams and scored a new career high of thirty one points coach Alvin gentry's already gotten to the point where the rookies fantastic feats don't even faze him just be on the line or you know we see it all the time so we see it every day and I just think he's you know he's not even scratch the surface at all so I became the third player with seven twenty point games in his first ten career contest over the last thirty seasons joining grant hill Shaquille o'neal the LSU baseball season will start in two more days let's check you a Christian Garrick for the latest this tells you baseball update is brought to you by Louisiana farm bureau insurance real service real people the Tigers start their baseball season this Friday night at home against Indiana hello she was loaded with quality arms on the pitching staff the voice of the Tigers Chris Blair's gushing about the power arms on the LSU pitching staff were really get arms I mean high level are clear that reminds you of kind of the way toward a bit on their double championship run LSU opens the season against Indiana this Friday night at the box first pitch is set for seven PM right here on W. did well today at four on sports talk with Bobby a bearing Christian Garrick if drew Brees retires would you give the same starting quarterback job to teddy Bridgewater Portes some hill then at seven go inside LSU basketball on the wheel weight show I'm Steve Geller.

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