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I'm hungry can you give me a recipe and alexa says Well you look like you have a call. You want some chicken soup. Hasn't a woman says no. Thank you and then lexuses. Well i can get to some cough drops with an hour delivery. How would you like that. And she says that's terrific right now. Segue from that to the halo okay. The halo for people in the audience. Who don't know it is a fitbit type device on your wrist that you can get from amazon costs under one hundred dollars and apart from all the exercise and sort of medical is activities around that what it will also do is listen to your voice depending on you through the day and it will tell you how your sound to your boss to your wife. Your husband to your Friends what emotions you articulate simply by the sound of your voice and and of course what they say now is. None of this is going to be shared with with amazon to me. It's a proof of concept right running right out of the kind of technology in the patent and there are other patents that take off in that direction. I have a whole chapter which goes into the variety of patents and the ways in which they might be used And so that's just the beginning of a as i say seductive surveillance g we get caught up for you in an hour but what i mean you know yet now. It's it's interesting in the book. You also go into a into a scenario where somebody actually walks into a retail store. And they're having a conversation with the clerk and the clerk can actually wake up the assistant device in the store by saying a phrase that would seem perfectly natural. Like this would look great or something like that remember. The exact phrase was but then the assistant devices listened to the conversation. And they're they're actually gathering information on that customer in real time and helping the store clerk then make up cells and and the the the person drives no idea that basically their voice is becoming their profile and that is based on a patent. that's directly from a patent right. The thing is that people would say well you know how could that possibly be. We don't give permission. It's going to be illegal. That's the seductive surveillance part. It's quite possible to get people to say this is fine and to even give them Loyalty points if they allow various stores to do this right. I mean it's all the terms of service. How many how many of us have read the terms of y'all start. Nobody research on this stuff. Nobody reads it. And i asked my students every year. Does anybody read a. Nobody's read these..

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