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Right now freeway jacket, ten forty five. Traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the flights. Here's Barbara Brooke. Let's start out with good news in seamy valley. The traffic has eased up on the one eighteen westbound accuser, you still have the two right lanes blocked has cruise cleanup an acid spill from a truck that ever turn this afternoon, but you are moving through there. The two left lanes are enough at this point for folks to get through without a hitch. Unfortunately, things not looking so good in Agoura hills. When one westbound liberty canyon three left lanes remain blocked for investigation of crash of a vintage aeroplane this afternoon, you're getting by in the right lane. That's enough to jam things up from Parkway Calabasas. If you can surface traits will save you some time through the area working our leader five. Northbound Osborne to the one eighteen takes out the carpool and two left lanes. And in Pasadena, you've got the connectors closed again to ten eastbound to the one thousand four westbound and continuing on the unique to ten eastbound through the tunnels shut down until later on tomorrow morning on one thousand four westbound, orange grove to San Rafael carpool and three left lanes are taken out. And there's work going on on the ten eastbound hole to the fifty seven two right lanes blocked. The connectors to the fifty seven north and southbound closed as well. And in the middle of that before via Verde got a crash partially in the right lane. So it looks like it's moved into the construction zone and westbound from Zuza two left lanes. Shut down. Also, a wreck before grand in the center divider, not helping any through the area, wrapping up a Sigler riverside to fifteen northbound four center street, a crash there blocks all but the carpool lane it's slow and stays busy up to Barton road. Where you got the two left lanes. Shut down. Southbound it's a full closure at Barton road. Expect delays from mount Vernon your next report. Ten fifty five. I'm Barbara Brooks. Traffic reports..

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