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In both directions between grant west of cal you met and it's in the left lane on both sides get traffic and weather together on the H. every ten minutes on newsradio seven eighty a model five put down the phone WBBM accu weather forecaster early this morning partly cloudy skies a low of sixty two later today a shower cannot be ruled out early otherwise clouds some sun becoming breezy high of seventy six WBBM news time for thirty. this is your call goes all the. radios seven and one oh five point nine FM and WBBM newsradio dot com good morning I'm Roger plumber in for Bob Conway these are the top stories on newsradio WBBM hurricane Dorian nears north Carolina's Outer Banks a category one strange the latest on that next from CBS news animals evacuated from the path of hurricane Dorian our in Chicago a justice department officials accused of using social media to weed out critics of president trump and a new poll reveals more college students are using pot WBBM sports the bears drop their season opener to the Packers ten to three the cubs beat the brewers ten to five and the white Sox's Reynaldo Lopez throws a one hitter to be Cleveland the accu weather forecast early this morning partly cloudy skies with a low of sixty two later today chances of a shower and a high of seventy six right now though here sixty six and midway sixty seven along the lake front sixty six degrees WBBM news time for thirty one. CBS news update I downgraded hurricane Dorian is still wreaking havoc as it gets ready to make landfall in the US the eye of the now category one storm is just east of Cape lookout North Carolina CBS's Catherine Johnson is in kill devil hills we're seeing the waves start to pick up here now and the wind is really picking up and we're getting a little more rain than we saw throughout the overnight hours but I think the worst is still to come in nags head some have opted to stay others so blessed for parts in London yeah play it safe and scoot out I have kids and I went there a little older. for the past they're beginning to pick up the pieces in hard hit South Carolina where coastal flooding is widespread so our power outages correspondent Jamie you kiss is in Charleston I talked to power crews here on scene they tell me that they will be working twenty four hours a day to get power restored but with two hundred thousand people without that's going to take some time CBS news update I'm Deborah Rodriguez WBBM news time four thirty two animals evacuated from the path of hurricane Dorian are in Chicago and in search of a good home. say hello to Bruno the kitten is one eighty nine dogs and cats evacuated for myrtle beach South Carolina advance of hurricane Dorian there now in Chicago with the anti cruelty society downtown marketing manager Collette Bradley says the animals were already in shelters so they were homeless down in South Carolina US now they're up here this makes room for the animals in the shelters are in the area of South Carolina to have a place to go after the storm hits once checked in the dogs and cats undergo a veterinary exam after that they have a space at the anti cruelty society of grand lasalle downtown or they're sent to a temporary foster home Bradley says that temporary arrangement sometimes becomes permanency column foster fails which is a sound bad but it's a good thing rob hard use radio one oh five point nine FM the man charged with developing the trump administration's oft delayed Mideast peace plan will be leaving the White House the White House says the peace plan he's done but will not be released until after this month's Israeli elections there is now more doubt about.

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