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Podcast 42


I don't know either, but we are live. It is podcast forty two. I'm Christopher Devos I'm Sabrina Pierre. Tros and Laura Uh. I'm sure that that sounded real, good and everybody's ear I'm sure it did, but that's GonNa. Be My intro for the live show from now on. Because I got a crack open the beer cooler every time to start off the show. The other weird noises you're hearing. Was Sabrina worse researching how to sound like a dinosaur? which amazingly she already does. I. Got It. So. Let's open up with the beer cooler. J. L. Beer coup. It's cruiser then you'd think. Never run away. would is this concoction. It is from hidden, springs. Brewery. Out of Tampa it is their deja move. It is a milk stout, which police and cocoa nibs. It has six point one percent Ab. and. It's got a fun label. Yeah, if the Cockroach on the label tells you anything about listening size of the needle now going to call it a cockroach. It's. It's one of those sheep lighter. Peppers Gareth Shotgun. Yes, a better word for it. It's a Stag, beetle and definitely cockroach. Milk. Lamb. Three eyed cat you. So what you're telling me is this beer combines milk. The restaurant support lay yeah chocolate. Yes, all the police, so I had disorder this individually each time. made it as I walked down, the aisle was the GUAC extra. Yes, that's why it's not in here. Okay I. Don't blame you for that. Looks like she likes it. I think I'm GONNA, cry. I generally like stoute's so my first sips here pretty favorable action. Good. You can have mine. Can't drink to these talking points. Why Not Markedly smooth. We got Chris's rating the one. It's only a one for Chris because you here to the size of a care. PINT, that's a lot. It's sixteen ounces what you drink. When you go to a restaurant, you order a pile. It's two cups. Like while I wait for this whole thing to blow over going to have a pain, but in the glass up in the glasses seems different than in the can in the Canon seems more to me because you're used twelve ounce cans, so what you're saying when things are in the can, it seems like it's more to you, yeah. Okay Is that wrong? No, that backwards. poof reference do I. Did you're making that voice? No reason. I both not very well. What's that voice? You're making nothing. That's the voice of. Anal about this Chris. All right first impression now. First Impressions I could put this can in the CAN. You. Finding out more about everybody again. What does that mean? That's not.

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