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Like everybody else. Like san man yeah. I didn't go out there and kill saw and help myself. But i didn't go out there and look bad either so i didn't. I didn't hurt myself. But i knew that there was only one spot that they had available to to keep somebody in the very last. Preseason game shots mike motormen. I'm happy for him even though we were competing for the same spot. I'm happy for him. The last game might motor came into the game. I think we're playing dimmer. Were down by like seven. He hit three threes to win the game and saw went once he did that already. Knew the deal already. Like yeah he gonna keep him he just he showed up he got opportunity show he did is like damn it was never like damn mike and was assigned damn while you kinda just let opportunity go in so with all that being said when they weighed in a put me on to way on my okay. At least i got another opportunity to showcase myself. Get busy you know. it's not ideal is not on a contract but the money is still in the nba. I'm still going to be working out every day on still be doing all the resources that i need as everybody else in so my paying saying. Hey man you didn't earn that pay. And i looked at it you know. I didn't earn that paying. Preseason earned that pay during the season now get paid next year. So mature approach last logo militia. That's some funny shit. Would he say right. Because i got those calls like dad dog like you ain't shooting the ball which is run there. I said fuck league. Larry brown told me to go out there and fucking guard. Somebody bro. that's what i'm gonna do. And i'm gonna do it until he tells me shoot a ball and then i'm going to shoot the ball so let me exactly. And that's the thing like braille. Like at the end of the day. I make i if that's what my role is. I'm making millions of dollars to just do that. And you're gonna make it whatever you making senior criticize me like using the money disparity because that sounds air get but may like just sit down and watch the game like a spectator. I figured i wanna get this warriors questions. But it's it's it's it's very current duke. some fans have the game fucked up. Because we've seen this a lot and the last in the last week or so with you know the rest and with kyrie and with fans feeling entitled to not only an opinion but to do shit to players do you see that in like how do you maneuver through that world. War list this Parties parts of the so the first part shit that the fans are doing now like that. She's outta lined bra you. Some people just don't have no home. Training in that shit is does not okay. You know like excuse hours locked up in the house because of colville i come on In likes to use the race car but anytime like people do something we own got no good enough reasons for why we did it like she. I had to go rob somebody. I grew up poor. They not going to give me any any pass for that. You know what i'm saying so fuck all the passes that people trying to come out with like y'all gotta learn how to be fans come enjoy the game man. We're putting on a show for you guys. You know that's the first thing secondly fans got it fucked up like just don't bother me that people feel like they're entitled to paint dust cool be entitled to your opinion what bothers me is the fact that you think you can say whatever you want to say to people without there being a consequence like i mean. I'm i'm past.

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