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Right as we continue Gregg Jarrett is with us eighteen years after nine eleven everybody knows with a war where were you I was on the air on MSNBC or was an anchor there and where the way these days of these of the free resistance days pre conspiracy theory days ago I had yeah and I was stunned as I looked at the television and and saw that a plane on a clear blue sky beautiful day had somehow crashed into one of the towers this is ten minutes before we went on within thirty seconds so we went on early and I was on the hour for the much of the remainder of the day is in shock as all Americans were I was angry all Americans were as as many people in New York you know I knew people who died that day and it was heart breaking into was tragic and I agree with the the slogan we must never forget and one of the outrageous things to me is that Khalid Shaikh Mohammed is stealing get now and he has not been tried and he should be tried they finally set a trial date but you know for the family members and I know them the you know this is this is justice coming almost too late it's a shame you know. a hard thing to me is that I do not at all ever regret what this country did in response to this I but I think we've learned a thing or two post Vietnam and post Iraq and Afghanistan we can't send our sons and daughters are national treasure to go fight these wars them politicize them then like half bailing out on them and not finishing the job that has the end and you know my in my mind I want that next generation of weaponry offense of in defense of overwhelming mass defensive forces where we can we can take them out from Tampa we don't we push buttons in Tampa you know intelligence sure we may need assets on the ground but short of that we can't go door to door anymore Greg it doesn't work and then it gets politicized as is taking too long I agree with you a thousand percent you've said it eloquently we we cannot do half wars any more help Lynn or for winter don't start it yes and he you know why I don't agree with the notion that we have to be in some places for decades or forever we have the ability militarily to take out a rogue nation operated by the Taliban and could have done it can shut it down at but we didn't and that's a shame I agree with you Gregg Jarrett thank you for being with us eight hundred nine four one Shawn toll free telephone number when we come back straight to our busy phones as we continue this the eighteenth anniversary we lost nearly three thousand of our fellow Americans are national treasure our family will continue..

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