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So i'm sure the party continues and i'm having a good time with two authors mike these simonian jeff jensen of red wine these guys are out of new york the city and the state um but they're actually in the west coast where chun about their cool book the comprehensive guide to fifty essential varieties and styles no what we talked about s to really fun grapes that i had never really heard about to be honest i actually never heard about him but there is a another section in your book called styles and plans and one here caught my eye because i believe it it takes me to my childhood when i remember my dad who's a big file drinking bull sales blood let's talk about this style or blend called big beaver you'll help you know uh again uh this is one of the the uh categories case for why enthusiast and i am hungarian i'm have hung jerian so because of our i drank bulls blood when i was a kid too and whereas on site as an adult it allows for drink tolls blood but um that said you know um the the wind said i drank you know twenty thirty years ago we're not very good to let's be honest so you know we have this thing called communism and in hungry for years and you know it was really quantity over quality so what has happened now is that you know the grandsons and granddaughters of wine makers that we're making wine for the communist party are now making wine for themselves so they're very very proud of they're lines so become is a bland much like a board though blend and generally comes from the region of the there says guard but basically it has a couple of different varieties and some have to be and some don't have to be in it but cabinet franck merlo um kick franck owes survive guilt combination of your own merlo and kick a porta are some of the grapes that can go into this bland so when you have some good winemakers and you'll see under our recommended wind section we talked about wines that are bargain and value so that means bargain there under twenty dollars and these are some really really amazing watching it and i'm not trying to take anything away from bordeaux when i love for joe and we of course in our book we recommend.

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