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It. West. Yes not so fun. With your friends. Roasted. Roasted my two year old. Is Pretty easy to imitate west of Big Brother who knew man I mean, we all knew we all saw this coming, but it's still very exciting. So what what does the rest of this journey look like the weeks to come with the milestones of areas pregnancy that we can look forward to? Well, Ariel talked about this a little bit on the podcast but we got some not so great news not the baby babies totally healthy but about some of the ways that her body is processing the pregnancy in that Her Cervix is a little shorter right now, and if it gets much shorter, there's a risk that the baby could come early. It's possible. This is connected to the reason west came about a month early, but it could also be unrelated. But what that means is she's taking some medications and she's on A. Low activity. Regimen, which is very frustrating for her because she's got all these renovation projects happening. It's like the heat of all things that she's looking forward to in terms of her projects, and now she just asked to not lift anything can't even lift wes up. Though it's been really frustrating for her and it's only about a week since we found that out. That is a true statement. That's your now backup to following this in real time. That's right. But if it gets worse, she might have to go on on bedrest when when do you want the baby and we'll make sure to put the baby shower four days before that. Right I think that's how we make. Sure. It was the thrill of seeing me as a giant baby. And she was like I got to have a baby in my life now. More. Keith Baby. Already wearing his diaper in preparation actually. Yeah. Stand up I. Don't WanNa ruin the surprise. If we make it to November I, we'll be in great excited to be the ring baby. This is how it all will work buddies. Peter Everything. Another. Recreate her X. number hours of labor again. I. Love Me Undies. They are sponsoring this podcast. They've changed my life. Okay. First of all they. Cute. But more importantly, they are the softest most pleasant underwear. I have that has ever graced my body. Is Serious about softness? No like it's so serious. They scoured the world for the softest fabrics known to man it all starts with sustainably sourced beechwood trees that magically turn from pulp yarn to undies undies that Kinda feel like heaven on your skin for comfort from the outside literally to in and Miandi has a great offer for our listeners. So for any first time purchasers, you get fifteen percent off and free shipping is a no brainer especially.

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