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Jack Zimmerman and gave Howard. Hello everyone and welcome to this week's not crazy we are here with my co host. Used Jackie who has written no less than seven books completely in her head Shell lives with depression. And I'm going to introduce you to my co host Gabe who lives with bipolar and also has written just one book that has been published. But like what's just one when you could have have seven unpublished Jackie. We are doing a first here today. We're going to interview a young woman. She's twenty three years old and she lives is with bipolar disorder. But she's also newly diagnosed with bipolar. Now she has asked to remain anonymous so we are going to call her. Emma Emma thanks for calling in and welcome come to the show for having me. No you were diagnosed with polar disorder type two in two thousand nineteen it safe to say. You're you're a Newbie. Yes very much. Show airing out the ropes. So Emma tell us the circumstances around your diagnosis what was happening before during what led to it it so initially. I was diagnosed with depression while I was in high school after a car accident but once I was an adult after college and and working in a toxic environment that monk and so I got a fake email them and compare. They were going to guide no bipolar when you say something was wrong. What did you feel like was wrong? It always.

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