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According to a new report released by Multnomah County officials. The delta variant of Covid 19 continues to spread around the country, even infecting and killing people who are fully vaccinated. Reporting on this for ABC News, Alex Stone, who talked more with Cuomo's Taylor van size Alex. Even before Covid Las Vegas was kind of a Petri dish for germs to spread among crowds. But now that Citi's reporting a rash of break through covid cases among the vaccinated, how bad is it? Yeah, well, we should say that the doctors Taylor from Missouri to California who have been seeing these rapidly rising numbers, you say it's mainly in the unvaccinated from these communities at a reporting in primarily in more rural areas and in black communities. Like in South LA where, because of historical reasons that trust of the vaccine is lower. But there are areas where they are seeing these breakthrough cases in those who have been fully vaccinated, and Clark County, Nevada, home to Las Vegas. Reporting 92 breakthrough cases. 13, who were fully vaccinated, have now died from Covid among the infected 11 hospital workers. They had a party in June eight were fully vaccinated. All the one got the delta variant. And we're hearing from some others who went to Vegas, Sean fruit among them. He and his wife. They live in Hollister, California. They decided it was safe. They thought to go to Vegas. Now they had been fully vaccinated. I took the option to take my mask off. He and his wife came home with Covid, and by the way, they had decided they were going to drive instead of fly thinking that would be safer to avoid getting covid and when they got home was extremely frustrating because we just spent a year and a half, avoiding this thing. And it was scary. I mean, I brought home the life threatening illness that has been killing people around the country. The only thing worse than that is knowing that I gave it to my kids. Yeah, His kids had a mild cold, but Sean says he was in bed for a few days. He got pretty sick, even though he had been vaccinated, And he says he thinks still, though being vaccinated made a difference. I'm pretty confident that if I hadn't had the boost from the vaccination Might not be standing here talking to you right now and Taylor in Nevada. Most of those who have had breakthrough infections of Covid have been white men over 65 years old, who had not traveled Got the Pfizer vaccine and you know, this is not a surprise in the sense that one the delta variant is able to to transmit more freely. But to none of these vaccines were 100%, Johnson and Johnson. We know it's lower efficacy rating from the beginning. We know Moder to and Pfizer have been in the 90 95% range, maybe even a little bit lower than that. In the real world. The doctors knew from the beginning, there would be people who would get vaccinated. And still get sick. And then you had two of these variants. And now those numbers are beginning to go up. So Alex, if memory serves, Las Vegas was one of the first large cities to sort of dropped their mask mandates and crowd restrictions. Any talk there of resuming infection controls? No, nothing that we're seeing there and really not allowed that We're seeing anywhere in the U. S. Cities such a politically hot topic at this point. Chicago today reinstituted some travel warnings about going to areas that are hot spots now in Arkansas on in Missouri, Los Angeles County has been urging people to wear masks again. But that there's nothing mandatory getting in their Marin County, California, saying about one in five in that county. Becoming infected with Covid is fully vaccinated, and it was one in 10 up until Couple of weeks ago, so they feel like in Marin County. The delta variant is very much a player in these numbers, but nothing that we're hearing in the US, at least to Israel has done some mandates again. But in the U. S of saying that they're going to make any changes A BCS Alex Stone with us on KOMO NEWS, Alex. Thank.

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