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One degrees is where, we're at right, now and yeah it's a little bit humid. And sticky out there. As well but for right now the rain in the great city of Detroit has come to a. Temporary halt meanwhile as advertised we are happy to have with us Mr. Claude Molinari Cobo center general. Manager getting his thoughts on the North American International auto show moving to June plot. How are you this morning having the best day of the history my life state well sir that's a step in the right direction I'll tell you that We discussed it. A, lot, yesterday I'm sure Claude you have been. Discussing it as well You know it is, got a tremendous upside we forever. Have in my life anyway making it to your facility Maybe ten degrees above. Zero maybe, ten below zero with some snow. To deal with June is going to. Be a completely different picture Yeah it's, a total game changer and you know I, can't say enough about the GED leadership the Detroit auto show whether it's destroyed auto dealers leadership. Brought Albert always ahead of the curve and he saw where autonomy was really going to years ago when he created the, autumn ability and now we're taking the next step and and I'm, really excited about the future of the savannah, where we're going now have, there been any preliminary discussions along the way Claude is to and we were discussing with various guest yesterday How the June auto show may use the the, riverfront other areas of of beauty here in the great city of, Detroit has there been any conversation about that Oh tremendous amount. Of conversation really since about January ten This year we've been talking about, all different scenarios for the, auto show and on again rod Albert's and Doug north who's the chairman for the twenty. Twenty June events have been putting all kinds of ideas I think couple square right out in front of couple center on Jefferson avenue is beautiful space that's going to. Be ground zero for all kinds of activity in. Action we think that's going to be, an outstanding spot but needless to say inside Cobo center which of course has gone through some amazing renovation, of, late that's. Going to continue to be the hub oh no doubt. It's, going to be a huge part of the event again that's the epicenter of everything auto, show and, everything is kind of spread out through their you know we've got an incredible facility, that's been super modernized for today's needs of the clients and we're very excited. About the, possibilities of what the show's going to do you know we. Have, heard various, manufacturers, dropping out of various auto shows recently they're Claude I would, imagine that the North American International auto show moving to June might be just. Enough to, bring some back I don't know but it would be nice. To, see anyway I love that the auto show is playing office they're not, playing defense trying to reserve a preserve. A show that's, losing relevance they're moving forward to an, amazing future and again the auto shows and making preparations for this almost three years but the autonomous vehicles, and autumn, ability and and again they're taking an active proactive approach to let's see what we can do to bring the show back to the. Level that it was previously and and again I can't express how optimistic I am about where this is going specially. With a great, leadership has exhibited by retry daughter James association Well it'd be interesting to see you mentioned autonomous vehicles there Claude, if you, know it's going to be outdoors will there be an area for somebody to put on somewhat of a demonstration because let's, face facts You know there's there's a lot, of Americans that are a little apprehensive right now about getting into a car? With no driver but Example that the possibilities. Are endless, we'll certainly and again we've we've done things, in the past without water street being a cordoned off for some autonomous demonstrations you know this is more, in infancy two years ago but. I see, that becoming a focal point moving forward Hart plaza to riverfront..

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