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Texas, two drug suspects were shot to death and four Houston. Police officers wounded when gunfire erupted as officers were attempting to serve a warrant a fifth. Police officer was injured but not by gunfire. NPR's? Wade Goodwin says the location was a suspected drug house. It was a big raid. With a dozen narcotics. Officers and half a dozen patrol officers participating after law enforcement announced themselves they smash through the front door and were immediately met with gunfire from semiautomatic, pistols, a gun battle, ensued. With two veteran. Officers hit in the neck at two more hidden in their extremities two suspects were killed at the scene, which has been secured the two officers hit in the neck are reported to be in critical but stable condition at memorial Hermann hospital. Wade Goodwin NPR news. This is NPR news. From washington. China's foreign ministry is calling on the Trump administration to back off its requests for Canada to extradite an executive with wa wa that's to face charges in the US. The Justice department accuses chief financial officer among one Joe of multiple counts of fraud involving the company's dealings with Iran. She was arrested in Vancouver nearly two months ago. She has an extradition hearing tomorrow election campaigns are underway in India. NPR's Lauren fair in Mumbai says politicians are spending much of their time courting rural support ahead of the voting expected in may Indian prime minister Narendra Modi is running for reelection. His main challenger the opposition leader Rahul Gandhi says if he wins he'll give a minimum income to all of India's poor. No one.

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