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Bell is here with our Friday forecast I check Hey good morning Bros yeah lots of high water in a lot of places courtesy that super soaker rain yesterday over an inch and all three local airport yesterday brought our April total up to six point seven I've been at the seventh rainiest April on record in Washington that's the seventh wettest out of the last one hundred and fifty years of record key more rain today the heaviest of the rain right now it's coming up pretty good across much of southern Maryland now Charles St Mary's in Calvert county so you may want to slow your travel just a smidgen or you really want to wait till the rains over this first area of rain should be out of here in probably no more than about the next hour to two then we'll have a little break in the action there's still another chance of a pop up shower later in the day but anything later into the afternoon will be a lot shorter lived in a lot lower amounts than what we're getting this morning in southern Maryland and maybe get a little bit of sunshine today better risk better chances of seeing sunshine out north and west of town highs today mid sixties if you need sunshine and help a little bit vitamin D. in your life your because you're tired of drinking milk sunshine tomorrow seventy two and a nice start on Sunday morning Sunday would be nice and warm up to seventy seven there's an increasing chance for rain later on in the day Sunday so yeah outdoor activities on Sunday to get done to them in the morning hours rain Sunday night and then drying back out Monday morning TGIF and welcome to may I'm storm team four meteorologist Chuck bell for WTOP thank you Chuck right now we have fifty degrees in friendship heights brought to you by Len the plumber trusted same day service seven days a week nine twenty two now the newest developments in the pandemic we have nearly one point one million cases of the corona virus across the U. S. with more than sixty three thousand deaths house speaker Nancy Pelosi says state and local governments will need as much as a trillion dollars for coronavirus costs congressional Republicans are already insisting the next package include lawsuit liability protections which Democrats oppose DC's tourism industry has lost at least eighty six million dollars since the pandemic again since March eleven big conventions that was supposed to be held here have been canceled the annual Memorial Day concert will not take place on the capitals west lawn this year instead you'll be able.

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