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I don't know if we I just can't see it. tyreek Hill may have given the Tennessee. Titans some unwanted bulletin board material though hyping offensive unit by telling reporters quote. I feel like nobody in the. NFL can guard any of US Shannon. Did you like him saying this. I don't have the problem with it but come Sunday. You're going to have to back that up. They lost four games. So guess what somebody there stopped all of you. You lost four games. I don't know people know old this but they lost three of the game. They today South Houston beat them in the regular season. Tennessee beat him in. The regular season ended beat him in the regular season so three teams from one division beaches. Stopped you so you can't be stopped on any given Sunday. Remember you at this point last year. Did they wasn't Bozo. Guess what somebody stopped. I got no problem with scale. That's the thing I love love about sport. You can do all the talk you want. But come Sunday or Saturday or whatever that particular sporting event is back up. We'll say tyree now now coming in with a boatload of confidence because they just stopped the team that scored more points in the regular season and they stopped building and beat them twenty twenty eight twelve so that feel confident coming in and they've already beaten you so it's not like daylight. Mayor is going to be team man. You who we got our work cut up they respect you but not in fear of you so we're gonNA find out I'm looking now you said it ain't nobody guard now they they don't win this game. We beat ourselves. I want to hear none of that by no official none of that. Yep I want you to commend genesee times. If they put that thing on you expect Moore homeboy. Couldn't give me one of those virtuoso. That's what I'm expected. Because he's unstoppable right. Ooh Ooh best in the game right now He will you talking about the best of the gay right now and football team eh chiefs Yeah so I got no problem with that. You know I did a lot of talk but hey shape okay and if you can back it up you can talk better be able to back it up so I like tyreek confidence at this moment. I don't love his bravado because of what they're up against I think Tennessee is a quiet force. I think they're being a little under estimated. A little underrated you. You think that Kansas City is being a little under appreciated with the point spread but this team all of a sudden has caught quiet fire because us on Defense Tennessee. If you look at their body of work for the whole year they're middle the very but to your point they just went up to to Belichick and Brady and held them to thirteen. And I know Brady's offense struggled all year but still to go up there and Fox playoff game and hold them to thirteen four offense offense Yup. That's pretty great. Yeah and then to go to the number one offense on hold them to twelve point Wale. You're doing something. VP YEP VP. He is runaway. MBBS and to your point back. We tend Sunday November. I'm sorry I'm sorry. It's November. Remember tenth at Tennessee. Some Al Tennessee. Beat you thirty five thirty two and you talk yesterday about. They got some bad breaks and they got a field goal blocked at the end of the game. And this happened and when that happened in this happened but the final score Tennessee knows a one thirty five to thirty in Tennessee knows it got down to my homeboy ten. Did Nothing and Tennessee knows. Got Down Twenty two to twenty going into the fourth quarter and then my homeboys scored again. It was twenty nine to twenty with eight minutes left in the game when he hit McColl Hartman for sixty three yards and a touchdown and you would think that would be a blow twenty nine to twenty and then guess what Ryan Tannehill and company do they go on a fifteen to three. Run down the stretch to win the game. They go on a ten play. Seventy five yard drive have to cut it to twenty on twenty seven and then Kansas City. Mambo he drives down and it got to be third and eight at the Tennessee. Twenty one this is is the game on the line. This is three twenty four left if he does what he often does if he completes one tyreek. They're going to win this football game. They stopped the play. Okay so they weren't unstoppable on that play. Somebody guarded tyreek on that play. Something went wrong because they were forced to kick nick a field goal there so now they're only up thirty two to twenty seven and here comes of all People Ryan tannehill four plays sixty one yards. And it's little. Adam Humphries for twenty three to win the game and again. Kansas City got a fifty two yard field. Goal at the Buzzer Block. Right okay so they did that so in order for you to kick you go. Somebody's DOT that's why I'm saying. Okay so Tennessee is coming in with quiet under the radar confidence. I think they're really. They're they're physically mentally tough. They're well coached and they believe in what they're doing because it's keeps working on the road and a man or any woman that beats someone in something feels feels confident. They can do it again. Yeah that's just the way. That's just the way the mind is why. It's so Tennessee. Beat you they believe they can beat you again. They believe they have the formula. The same they used against New England. They ran the football down there through the same formula. They ran it down. y'All Baltimore's through and you remember Henry. He ran for book. Eight eight against you you did. That was sort of the first glimpse of. Oh you do that. That's true old. Last eight games. He ran for twelve over twelve hundred yards art. Three straight plus one eighty three. Yeah and again. If you can do that you can help keep a quote unquote middle pack. Defense off the feedback. Afraid they don't get worn down. I mean so you got your work cut out for him. I expect him to play well because they skip I get it. They got a lot of weapons with Sammy Watkins. Who ran for five coming out? Is your slowest receiver. You gotTA got his run out for three. You've got another guy rail like four three one four three four you got ah Marcus Robinson. That's probably hi four three low fours you got travis. Kelsey are going to be one of the two best. I argue. I one of the best pass catching tight. He and George Jordansekulow. I think women have you wanted in that third and fourth. I'm not gonNA fight you over then. Loaded get the guide is pulling the trigger off the land of the great job or protecting it. I do so that and they better do it again. That's the thing though. Skip if you do not get pressure on this kid and we will pick your part. Yep because because you can't you can't you can't give him that kind of time to just sit back there and just pat pat ball okay. tyreek they tie rigs run everybody off off Harman's run everybody off. Oh they singling Kelsey one on one okay council here take. You can't do that. They'RE GONNA have to get pressure. And you might have to take unnecessary risks and blitz blitz a couple of times. And you know you you don't leave some of these speeches one to one today. Just hold on and hopefully we can get there but somehow you better tackle tackle number twenty two. No you bet attack before gift started too late if we give towards your data for you I saw Anthony. Hitchens wants a Dallas Cowboy talking yesterday for the chiefs saying you have to get his legs you have to take his legs out from under him because if you don't if you try to get him a pie he's just going to bounce off and he's going to keep going well. It's a nice idea to get his legs. Now go do the right you. You must make him check or started skip. You gotTa make him check those feet. You can't let him just get the ball well and everybody who start letting them get going if he gets going. Through the Line of scrimmage guilt and you hadn't made him change directions. Well he's going to fall seven so now a second and three they will give it to them again. I down so I know tyreek is feel real good about himself feeling full of himself but the point was they were down twenty four to nothing now one of the most lightning comebacks in the history of sports hair but they were down twenty four to nothing at all. I don't know if there's another team that can score or twenty eight point nine nine and a half meter is not that is true though the way that one went down so you feel coveted skill man. You know what we did we squeeze. GORDO's autozone straight possessions. Yeah we were down twenty four we got next for positions we had the ball. We got twenty eight points. They feel confident they can go get the points but you gotTa have the ball doc. I don't y'all look at Kansas City. Defense the defense takes always give that. Oh we will get a pick six or scoop scoop and score but you gave Frank Clark Tournament. He did for this game you sign. You signed soaks this game you did. You gave honey badgers and you did for this game. That's what you pay. Yeah when you start this what you pay for games like this this is it. This is a game they should win at home about homeboy. Overhaul were legacy skill you already got the MVP swollen VP REGULAR-SEASON MVP by year three. You want a little pressure on them. Did you just predict super bowl all. Let's see what I'm saying. Look at that. That'd be a win this. I'M GONNA present revie like that. ooh I'm looking forward to the official game predictions from both of you guys. I don't know this is GonNa wait to see what his contract will not out of. I don't think a Clark Hunt like our own. No give a hometown discount. I'm thinking of the two hundred meter rain canton. ooh I forty million dollar quarterback thinks three hundred million baseball. You'll.

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