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Hello there and welcome to the Earth Rangers podcast Rangers and let's not here right now so I guess I'll be today so Oh sorry oh my Gosh Hi Emily I had a rough landing on my flight back from aw and I had to check BESSE's landing Gearan hate Steve What are you doing here why is it recording light on on the podcast station Oh I was just filling in for you because I thought your thank you thank you okay that's okay. I got okay okay okay fine all right. I'll see you later bye listeners blow listeners and welcome to Earth Rangers podcast I'm Ruth Ranger Emma its one and only hopes no no no your favorite animal and wildlife report Earth Ranger now where was I been traveling so much lately but I finally home and now it's time to start cataloging collection of sound recording I I've been to so many places on this big beautiful earth like a check this out this is from the the National Park when I went to Tanzania to learn all about Cheetahs he knew that he's chirping noises right okay and here's when I traveled all the way north of the Arctic Ocean and the Sensational Song of the Beluga Whale Sorry Bit Wendy that day but listen to what happens when the Mike dips down below the wakes amazing right now I'm back home you know even though I've been to so many exciting places on earth and I've seen some pretty amazing creatures I have to admit I really don't need to travel far to see super cool animals I can just look outside don't believe me think about it there are lots of animals that live near people in the suburbs and even in the city just close your eyes and remember what kind of animals you may have seen throughout this year there's tiny Birt's.

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