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This is NPR News Had on morning edition on Qi Q. B D. This year's National Book Awards, announced in the first ever virtual streaming ceremony went mostly to writers of color as the foundation that gives the prize is bound to be more inclusive. Join us for the story coming up. Also Lily Jamali with your California report ahead and ate at a good head at 5:51 A.m. on KQED. Here's what's ahead this afternoon. With rising cases and more shutdowns in some parts of this country. Things maybe are looking so good for the economy in the short term, huh? I I would say that my view over the next three years of anything has become somewhat more upbeat. We've seen our economy rebound more strongly than I expected. I'm kind ridsdel how the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York These things. That's next time on marketplace. Join us today for financial news with Kyra Stall at 4 P.m. in the state of Georgia to Senate run offs in January, will determine which political party controls the U. S Senate. Even if we're not allowed to vote yet we want to make sure that Our voices are heard. I'm Ari Shapiro will look at what activists in Georgia are doing to turn out the vote on the next. All things considered from NPR News. Stay informed this afternoon. All things considered along with Qi Q B D news. 4 30 today and coming up at 6 30. I'm the next political breakdown. His tweet threads have gone viral, but he's probably not. Who you'd expect to see is a social media star Bob Watchers cherub UCSF's Department of.

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