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That's very beautiful thing that's right. Ah i did is that. Is that additional improvement that you've done based around that original recording recording no that's just the way it came to. I think we probably tried to tone down the the backbeat a little bit but you know that's early hip hop and i have to to say the the hip hop community embrace that record embraced the oh brother where art thou record in an important way and largely largely because they were invited in with that first song and <hes> and and you know so much of the job of the of the record producers serves over the last century has been <hes> as civil rights activists john hammond was an important civil rights activists who brought billie holiday and the all the great jazz musicians of that time into the into the mainstream so to speak and sam phillips was the same way blending the black culture and the white culture and and that's one of the things i think we were we were able to do to some extent with that record. T-bone burnett is here with me on world cafe. His new album is called the invisible light acoustic space. You've talked before about learning something from every different person that that that you work work within studio. Is there a lesson that comes to mind now if i asked you you know what what's something that you have learned from a friend or collaborator that that really stands out with you. I think the the most important lesson i learned in all of music was from roy orbison who sang so quietly quietly. If you stood two feet away from him you couldn't hear him but when you would put a microphone in front of him it would sound like poverty. Dan and i learned i learned that the reality that you've in recording is is to live performance as filmmaking is to theater and that you can bring a camera right in on somebody and he doesn't have to project to the back row and and through working with orbison when when orbison would sing he would wear headphones pretty wouldn't have his vocal in the headphones because he would know how the notes felt in his jaw so so he would just have the ban in his headphones and feel the notes and and sing very softly sleeping presently and i realized that <hes> intensity and resonance doesn't come from volume that residents in fact comes from intensity. Pick us a a roy orbison song which you know what's better than dreams. That's a rhetorical torok question nothing or running or or running scared. Let's listen to running scared sure here we go wrong on and who yeah and i love that you've given us the gift of life picturing him with the muscle memory of his his job and like where where sounds sit for him and you can hear how softly singing there too and one of the one of the other things than this is a story i'll regale with but he was teaching me how he wrote songs and he said i just start on my lowest note and then i step up all all the way through the songs till i get to my highest note which is exactly what he does an dreams it goes from his lowest no two his highest note and when we were doing mystery girl when we were recording mystery girl elvis costello out a song called <hes> called <hes> the comedians and i told elvis that story about the lowest and the highest note and and he rewrote the comedians and went and listen to all roy's records and found his lowest houghton and found his highest note and we wrote the comedians to go through that range and then i took it to roy any listened to it. He came back the next day and he said this cat so amazing he did. He did exactly what i do. You know so so put that royal was a it was a great teacher and a great cat. I loved. I loved her orbison..

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