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Mike Masino. Join sandy Colfax. Steve is calling from homedale. And Steve you're on the fan. What's happening? Hey, steve. I wanna make two points. Actually, I had one point to make. But I was really like to respond to the last caller sure about might seen. Okay. Mic PC or one hundred seventy games. I don't remember. What is exactly are is? But the guy the guy that he pitched in was mainly in the nineteen ninety spilled over into the two thousands was pitching a steroid era. You know, I know that I I know that he doesn't have many twenty game, Danny? But for what it's worth Whitey Ford had to twenty game seasons. I don't care if the guy wins fifteen seventeen games, but the guy never lost a lot of games, and he's not an immortal. The neither is Phil Niekro, Don Sutton or Burt bly, so maybe at some point in between breaks you wanna throw around the numbers of what might be. Well here to make one point. Okay. But before you do and I'll let you do. He's Ziara career ERA was three six eight and he had won twenty game season. And that was his last season as a major leaguer. So he had one buddy. But my argument also for him into the hall of fame is exactly what you're alluding to. He pitched during the steroid era and one over two hundred and fifty games and pitched in the American League with the D H as well. And in the top division as an Oriel and as a Yankee. So that is my thinking for him getting into the hall of fame. We'd have a very small thing. Basically. If you're limited to the people, you consider is immortal, but I really wanna make a point. And I told your produced. About this. I don't know if you had a chance to look at it. But it was a very good article in the New York Post on Sunday. What they did was they had six various New York sports writers. And you know, the more, you know, the more and what they did is they each picked their top ten Yankees of all. Now is the thing. I am a huge Marianne over there fan. I'm like two years younger than you. But I saw his career from top to bottom. And there are a sports writers how you do this. But to me, if I'm listening, my top, ten Yankees of all, and maybe you can make your own list. And let us know what you think. To me to me Marianna Rivera to me is no better. And I'll give you I know better than the best Yankee of all kind one, right? I had the audacity to put a one inning closer as a better Yankee Mickey Mantle. Eighteen years all the games all the World Series day in and day out is rated lower than a guy that was a one inning closer real quick. Steve. I'll just tell you real quick my opinion. Okay. The top four risk every demise showing mantle in that order. And then the next three whatever whatever you want. Why did he Ford the winningest pitcher in Yankee is three's Derek jeeter and Yogi Berra? There's no way Marianna Rivera as much as I love him cracks the top seven. All right. And and it could be that the one regret the writer that you're talking about has is that she did mention his name. Are we have to take a quick break and think about that for Justice second, but we have to take a quick break? And then immediately right back to your calls on the fan. Hockey fans joined greater Fort Lauderdale for the ultimate pre-game.

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