CNN, UN, Mr Lee discussed on The John Batchelor Show


In the first flush of the crisis in ukraine there was concern in the united states and nato that russia was threatening to deploy tactical nukes into europe and the entertainment at the time was would we answer some years ago the united states made the decision of the 20th century to take the tactical nuclear weapons the nonstrategic nuclear weapons off of the us fleet that doesn't mean of course that it won't deployed them on the ground to the ground forces but now how we go to asia thanks to josh rogin riding global opinion for the washington post tactical nukes again the discussion but this time in the korean peninsula josh a very good evening to you who is leach told wu from the south korean national assembly good evening to you good evening to you done he is simply that head of the national assembly eligible committee and a leading member of the opposition party if you remember last year president park was summarily dismiss from office in a corruption scandal that her party now that party it in the opposition but it narrow very narrow majority held by the leading party the democratic party of president moon jae in and uh mr lee came to washington in the end is here today and tomorrow but the idea that the un needs to return tactical nuclear weapons into the territory or south korea this has been a raging debate in seoul and a very controversial one and uh they were the poll saying it up to seventy percent of south koreans favor that now uh president moon was asked about yesterday on cnn and he said that this would create an armed nuclear arms race in northeast asia but the argument that lee and the rest of his delegation is making audit or wash it all hauge congress than the to the trump administration directly is that we need to do something to restore the credibility in and downs to our nuclear deterrent north korea building nuclear weapons in developing the capability orange some might be bam's earn submarines or what have you to their idea for had a uh matched at least.

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