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It's called exit velocity. And I wanted to talk to him today about that. And not get to a point where we're deep into sabermetrics. I love sabermetrics, but any conversation about that has to have a little bit of pros to it. And so we welcome in from the ethnic dot com on the acute hearing centers dot com hotline. Our good, buddy. You know? Sarah's e-e-e-e-no good morning. How you doing man? I thank you for having me. Couple of things off the top the reds pitching has been pretty good. So far. In fact, there's staffy are is is I think fifth best in baseball. I think their starting pitching staff. They're area is flirting with the the low two hundreds. I just wondering what your thoughts about this team over and above. What seems to be a good start of the pitching staff. I the bath will get going. I'm not worried about it. And I'm really excited about some of the fifteen performances earlier early in the season. I thought Tyler Molly looks like he knew curve curveball. I covered the cover data piece that I wrote today for the plastic. I think a new car ball the great commandment. He's got I think he's always got a lot of upside funny gray did a lot of things I sort of laid out the plan that he was gonna have going into the gun. And he did a lot of things kind of scrapped you fly or the way he did by here and focusing more onto fastball than the curve ball. And I think it looked pretty good of injury five. And I think we've castio one of the things that Johnson's did when he was in Milwaukee was just concentrate on what are your strength throw your best pitches. And I think Lewis Kathy of change out more and dominating with. So starting pitching wise is good. Now, you do these weekly chats, and you did one on on Friday that I that. I watched. You you seem to think bottle will put together. Nice numbers this year. But you're not thinking that his power will be there as it's been in past years is gone for good. Do you think from his from his repertoire, you more of a line drive? Maybe doubles hitter guide. It'll put up some good slashes, but not get that that Opie anywhere where it's been in the past. I'm a little worried about it. I mean, he's an older dude at the point. And I know what ages is done to my mouth ballgame. But at thirty five years old, you know, I thought in the spring, and he felt that it would be more about the shape of his football. And then he'd put too much light, basically. On pitches and gone too far to the field, and he really should go up the middle more and and pull the ball more. And I asked him point blank at the end of the interview. What what do you think you've law, and he thought nothing, and then it was looking like twenty seventeen all over again. You know, I think that it's hard for an athlete ever. They've lost something. I don't think you're really going to ever get someone to admit that they bought something. So I do think that they I is amazing. And I think that he kind of like a Tony Gwynn with more power in that the great I a great hit tool. Great. Billy about the ball will always give you good on percentage. There's been batting averages. But I would cap. His potential Homer output on the them at about twenty. Yeah. And conversely you like an I'm with you on as well, you think we will probably be somewhere around twenty five home runs this season. His speed. We'll help you know, stolen, bases. Always help. He's still a bag or two for you. I just think as you mentioned in your chat. He's just pressing new team wants to do as much as he can. But that'll settle down. I think we're going to put up some good numbers this year. With patients visibility the ball right now in showing the worst right now. Right and worth walk right of his career even worse than that. If you look under the hood, he reaching at the outside zone more than he ever swinging across the swing more than ever had. And I did find that players that twitch teams, and I found it when J crew went to the net. Jay Bruce, went to the math, and you know, take root Cincinnati the guy who knows the plate and doesn't twin that often. He went to New York and swamp all the time and with trying to make a good impression with was use the sort of see yourself as an acquisition that needs to do something for this team that that they brought you here for reason, you need you need to perform to to to to make Baker on that promise, basically. And I think that that's the thing that I've actually seen the number of people reach more wing more when they get a chance. I don't think that will something happen all year, some point he'll I think even with this approach you hit a couple of homers fell down, you know, get to get the feel good again, the weather warm up a little and and get going how much do you think they missed scooter Janette and his bat in his ability to move the line along. We got a lot of guys on this team here in Cincinnati. That seem to have the same approach when they come to the plate Janette. Always to me seemed to be a guy that if the pitch is there something he could pull it pull it. But more often than not, you know, he tried to find a whole try and find where they ain't is Casey Stengel used to say how much do you think they miss him? One thing that year. I think you're right. He was willing to swing willing to put the ball in play at a good of good strikeout. Right and powerful doll feel but that that might be missing. But I honestly think a little bit of unlock happening right now. The two unluckiest players on this team by stat Kathy the exit velocity number, but they basically tell you what.

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