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Over Harvard. This evening in the Smith center Jones and Eric within our Nissan courtside seats. Dave Nathan joining us as well. Dave will take you through the rest of the coke post game report here in a moment. Ben Alexander, our chief network engineer. I from Lucas tonight as well. Casey wolf Meyer back in the studio. Whole tar heels sports network team. Thanks for being with us looking forward to jumping into conference play with the heels starting on Saturday against Pitt. But tonight, it was Seventy-seven Fifty-seven over Harvard. Carolina produced a ten and three Harvard drops to six and six Eric. If if you've the listener had the opportunity to hear coach Williams in the continental tire coaches corner think you could probably hear some of his frustration. If you didn't hear that David let you listening on the opening comments. From coach Williams a little later in the show. But. Coach Williams kind of reflected the feeling watching this game Eric and that is that. Hey, it's good. The tar heels won by twenty. They did some good things. But I think there's also some very obvious needs for improvement for Carolina as they jump into conference action because look man at Pitt at state Louisville Notre Dame at Miami those year next five games. And every one of them is a big game. And everyone is going to be a tough game. Yeah. I think that's the thing that you did you just want to be able to see more consistency. And we talked about it. It's almost been harped on preached on. There have been good things. There were good moments within this game. I mean, you you look at the first the last four and a half minutes of the first there's a seventeen to ten run. Then the second there's a fifteen to one run over four minutes and forty seconds, which Kobe white has seven points, you know, mid midway through the second-half Carolina's defense holds Harvard to one point over, eight minutes and fifty seconds. And yet you still walked away thinking, well, what comes next, and and I think that's something. That's a feeling you don't why you don't wanna walk out of there and say all right guys. Great job. We we scored seventy seven points against team. We probably should've hung triple triples on. I think that this is a team that has a lot of capacity were just still kind of starved for whatever. The magic recipe is to have that of consistent offensive output because the defensive output was there, but with twenty one points off of twenty two turnovers that's not a real high percentage. Those are real good game. Eric for Carolina's freshmen, and I mentioned in late in the course of the action, but see Kobe. Why didn't shoot it as well as he would want four of eleven but but finished with thirteen points, four rebounds, four assists, two steals. Just one turnover. In addition to those four assists little twelve point seven boards, two steals. You heard him a moment ago? I hope talking to Adam about as he continues to get more comfortable at the college level and his desire to be a double double type of player. And then also leaky black didn't play as many minutes. Played just twelve five points the rebound couple steals. A couple of assists impactful when he was in there. Good minutes. I thought from all three of those guys you make a really good point. And maybe that's kind of the answer to what I was just talking about. Maybe that's where that's enough at this point against team like Harvard, again, not being disparaging and and in talking about Harvard in that way. But. You know, it's not a Kentucky. It's not against your expectation is to come in and win. You didn't do you didn't perform as highly as she wanted to. But you did have kind of that core value, which I think that that may be there. And maybe that's where the core value resides is that it's in seeing the freshman has some time to get on the corps, get comfortable. I thought that Nazir his his post game interviews this far this season. And goodness knows they'll be more. The young man is incredibly talented. But he's been very honest and forthcoming about how he's doing what he sees. How what is impressions are? I think we've got a very honest look behind the scenes of what gnaws is thinking about right now at this point in the season. And I thought it was a very good interview that Adam was able to put together with him. And so maybe just having good court time for the freshman to get some. Extended work through some mistakes, you know, smooth out some rough spots. Maybe that's enough. Eric we talk about this every season and it's gonna get even longer next season. When it goes to twenty conference games, it's still eighteen just this year. But I mean, that's a lot of games against really good teams for a long period of time. I mean, you're looking at now the next several months where you're playing to really good teams every single week. And you look at the rankings or not fit the rankings are the end all be all. But duke's number one in the country right now for genius top three four in the country for two state Virginia Tech are both top twelve to thirteen teams in the nation. NC state is played well early in the year is just there's never a break. And so what is starting? What starts now for everybody in the league, of course. But Carolina, it's hard and there's gonna be some ups and downs. But I think it is going to be fascinating to see how Carolina response because they are good enough to be one of the best teams in the conference for sure. And I think that if you're yes, the eighteen games in this conference is a really into you have used it wants already I'll use it again to use coach Williams description, it's an uphill marathon. And and I really believe that if you if you look at rankings just exactly how they sit a lot of these teams would fall out of favour within the polls because everybody's gonna take some lump sum it. They're just going to happen, obviously Virginia marched through last year and had a wonderful wonderful team. And then and then couldn't make it happen in the tournament. But. You know, this is a this is a an ACC that will push you, and it will break you sometimes. And then you'll have a chance to build yourself back up because there is never a night that is a given. And I think that's what a lot of fans really enjoy about this. And obviously why there's the drive to create more competition within this league and to generate those twenty games next year. Is because the basketball can be so darn good. It can really be high level. And that's the other thing. Which is what you the one good news out of this is that as you get into really high level play it kind of begets more high level play. And so there's a certain expectation that this is how it's going to be. And we've got to make sure we keep it there. I think we will see more consistency. Once we get this consistently better competition. It will also be nice just to get back into a regular rhythm of playing. I think for the tar heels. I mean, December was just such an odd schedule with just the four games after they played eight games in the month in November. So not to use that as an excuse. I just think it was an odd makeup of the schedule this year for the tar heels. So Carolina's gonna play Tuesday at excuse me. Saturday at Pitt Tuesday at NC state, then back home for a Saturday early tip against Louisville. So the game they're going to start coming pretty quickly against quality teams should be a lot of fun. We are looking forward to. Being there through that journey with you. We have some work to do here though, we need to give you the Werner ladder player of the game. Brought to you by Werner ladders. They rise above the rest and are preferred on more jobsites than any other ladder in America because innovation safety durability built into every single product. Werner's the official ladder of the NC double A and available at Lowe's everywhere, as you know, by now when Carolina wins we head to Twitter. Let you help us vote for the Werner ladder player of the game today. Four choices. Luke, maye, fourteen point, seven rebounds, two assists. Kobe white thirteen points, four rebounds, four assists, two steals. Little twelve point seven boards, two steals and a block Kenny Williams eleven points, three rebounds, two blocks, two steals in the winter. Werner ladder player of the game. The freshman your little takes home the honor tonight again mentioned this little bit earlier. Little look very more comfortable. These two games between the holidays or after the Christmas holiday against both Davidson and Harvard certainly hope for him that carries over and for the tar heels hope said that carries over in to conference play. So just to get you up to date quickly on the schedule. Tar heels play Saturday at Pitt that is an early game. It's a noon game. So we'll be on the air at eleven AM up on the road. Jeff capable in his first year as the head coach of Pittsburgh heels and Panthers we'll be on the air eleven AM for that one twelve o'clock tip. Then we do have a ROY Williams live on Monday night before a quick turnaround to a game in Raleigh against NC state at on Tuesday evening states only game between now and then is actually tomorrow night. They play at Miami tomorrow night. They do not play this weekend. So Carolina will see state a couple extra days rest for the Pac before the heels. Visit rally we'll take a timeout come back. Dave will.

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