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That back up stretching to Valley View and one in Fort Worth. I 35 w North benefit to 80 overhead. It is taking away the right lane. With K l E F right now. Traffic I moniker calls I'm meteorologist Brad Barton. We had a fuse body showers around North Texas yesterday afternoon. But Nicholas has already passed Houston moving through the Texas Louisiana border now so we're done with any decent chance of rain up here. Partly cloudy, just humid with a high near 86 this afternoon winds out of the southeast 10 to 15 years 73 tonight Sunday Department Cloudy, breezy and humid with a high near 88 tomorrow, 91 on Thursday. And sunny, warm and humid, with highs in the low to mid nineties. Friday through the weekend from the L E F w B A P Weather Center. I'm meteorologist Brad Martin 71 degrees in Arlington 69 in Denton right now and 70 in Mesquite. This is Ernie Brown as you drive in this morning getting all the news from David Amy, Drive home with me and talk about all the day's stories in the Metroplex afternoons for Chill seven. Right here on Real news and information. 5 70 K. L I. F Now. Time for your morning. Cliff Notes on 5 70 K l i. F National Hurricane Center said early today that Nicholas made landfall on the eastern part of the Matagorda Peninsula 10 Miles west southwest of Sergeant Beach, Texas. Here's meteorologist Eric Blake from the National Hurricane Center. Well, we expected to move very slowly. Uh, Over southeastern Texas today and then over southwestern Louisiana on Wednesday. Now the storm has been downgraded back to a tropical, barely a tropical storm as we heard Brad Barton tell us earlier this morning. He also said that it has picked up its pace, so it's moving across the state. Faster. Good news very good news so that it won't dump as much water on the state as had been previously feared. Meanwhile, more than 100,000 people In Louisiana course, heavily battered by IDA are still without power from that storm, as tropical Storm Nicholas heads their way, according to power outage dot us more than 117,000. People in the state, which is still recovering from Ida are without power. GOP congressmen erupted at Secretary of State Antony Blinken during his hearing in front of the House Foreign.

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