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Animals being underfed and all of that i just wonder if it isn't a wasn't a money thing all along like i have to believe in my heart that it wasn't on purpose to be cruel to animals i feel like it was probably just a financial i hope i just i've only the whole story is sort of sad i could sad that it's over it's sad if the animals were mistreated it's sad for poor little beauregard i just can't deliver yellow river just i looks good through the yellow river i don't really philosophy at that point that is why come back on the show you know it's comments like that that we have it's true it doesn't sound pretty does this time unlike the river charlotte yellow river that's what's going on especially animal with toughening of three guys smack down on so many levels anyway it's over it's gone it's clothes and apparently they didn't really tell anybody there's just a sign that says closed in and apparently there were still some workers they're feeding the animals but the animals are still there so who knows what's going to happen pita of course calling it a victory so we'll see what happens there speaking of victory it is official quiche lance bottoms well it's beneficial for a while the quiche alliance bottoms won the mayoral race here in atlanta and we'll be our national mayor yes and bought mary nor would did not actually concede defeat until last night she put a video message out last night kind of in the middle of the night i wonder why everyone does that is that on perot and it is said so it hits the news cycle in the morning or voids the news cycle i don't understand that it's probably both so that we can get out fearing trends of sieve in and then you do within a few hours later our out as soon as it comes out of your mouth okay fair an athlete much she had a few glasses of warring with dinner and they got home it looks like a new investors stars gomez yeah that's how i would make a decision i listen i've got married or what a few times she is a lovely person and i'm pretty sure that's not how.

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