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You guys I I can live every day every day was shorts. And I'm doing it today. I love this time of year. It's getting good. And it's getting good on the show. We've got Dr Deborah Osmond. She is a dentist. She is a fellow fellow. We were just joking that her husband's here. And I just said man, Mike, you are married to a handsome fellow. Now, she is a fellow of the what anti aging. VM American associate association of anti-aging and original generative medicine, right? It's about health from the inside out. It's not about you know, outside Steph. Okay. It's getting getting everything working like it's we joke because sometimes remember the early days of eight you go to one of those conferences and every person there looked like the joker from Batman. Look at me anti age with all of this botulism. And it was so weird back in the day. And all of the men who were old had black hair one tone of black hair within the the route heads a little tiny bit of gray. And it just like, whoa. This is what anti-aging looks like it's not fair. But you have a master's degree in nutrition. It you are a whole body practitioner starting with the oral side with the dental health, and you're up at Oklahoma dental wellness. At north west ninety six and may four or five seven five two zero one one one. Okay. Let's talk nutritional bit. Okay. I didn't nutrition counseling for a lot of years. I gave everybody. The Doug Kaufman. Face one diet. Doug, coffins, one of my best friends. I love him. I promote it, you know, that you guys, but it didn't work for everybody very plainly. It worked for a certain percentage. And then there was a certain percentage just didn't work for the diet fast forward to if you years ago, and I was on his show, and I decided to do an experimental year long experiment on the Kita genyk diet and don't just thought. Yeah. You're gonna have great results because it's like his phase one diet on steroids. You know, almost no carbohydrate very little protein, huge amounts of fat. Lot of people are getting enormous results from this. I wasn't one of them. In fact, your husband, Mike, we hadn't seen each other in a couple of years. I think and we read that integrative that integrative medical group a few weeks ago. He said, yeah, I thought it looked like you put on some weight, and he was right? I put on some series. Wait when I was on the key to genyk diet. Meanwhile, people are telling me they've never been thinner while on it. Guess what you guys that is what happens with all one size fits all. There is a certain percentage of people who respond to almost any. There's a certain percentage of people who won't I'm one of them. For whom Kito was a disaster. A girl I graduated high school with tells me it's been a godsend for her crazy now we get into how to do nutrition counseling. And I know you talk about this in your office. But now you have a DNA.

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