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Can't blame him for that San Diego isn't such a bad place either. Although most Miami ends don't like to go west of the Everglades. Right. You too have taken this highly respected man who we've quoted many times and turned him into an internet joke. Have you not? No, we have not you're right. We have not you have not turned him in. He's just tweeting a lot he gets along. Gets a little bit of frustrated that he keeps tweeting a bunch of crap. Yeah. And so every time Heyman tweets in the next three hours. You'll hear this sound from Michael welcome back. Mike, by the way. And that means John Hayman is tweeting. That's actually funny. Johnny. No, I was gonna say a on bocce. I don't want to say had no choice, but pretty darn close to it. If you have one year left on a contract, and you got a brand new guy coming in with you talk. He would dimension how he manages with his gut so much if indeed he wasn't trying to just slightly get in there that this may not be for me this new setup and a one year deal to have all the players. And obviously the media wondering, hey is this it or what happened? Oh, we've lost five in a row is this the end for bocce nobody wants to go through a year like that. And if you're pretty Sal. Baseball's just gotten so big. And so popular that it's in the old days. He could have just rolled with this all year answered a couple of. Hayman is tweet. This time he says, so I got at least one contract prediction. Right. Yes. Exactly. Right. And it was an old article. He wrote I guess he nailed the Machado. China. John hayman. One right human side of Hemant. Hey, if if these are gonna come fast and furious. I liked it. If Brian Sabin was still the guy that boats had to answer to a who knows? Maybe you know, he'd stay. We got a new guy in there. You gotta fool around with a with a guy twenty five years younger than you with all types of different ideas. And there's nothing wrong with nothing. The believe me the reason that far Hans there is because the giants have cash and only cash, and that's the problem and they haven't been good for two and a half years right now. Because all they have is cash ownership group has done a phenomenal job boat. She has done a phenomenal job the front office in the last few years has failed. They have failed. They've done a bad job. The farm system isn't producing the signings have not been good. There's lots of contracts that everybody in baseball would view as bad deals. So that's that's kind of why far Hans here in. It's not an foreign some evil genius either. He's a pretty nice guy is just a different way of doing things change people change industries change. It's now a game run by channel managers and not as much by managers. And all you gotta do is look at the salaries social make six Madden made six this last year made six. Kona made four Showalter made for Joost made three point seven everybody else in the World Series, Alex Cora at eight hundred thousand with the Red Sox. Look at all the Kappler eight hundred thousand you know, you mentioned core. Eight hundred thousand Dave Martinez, new manager in Washington, Dave robbery. And he made the world Steve Roberts two straight World Series a million dollars. Kevin cash. One of the bright young managers in the game right now in Tampa one point one million dollars a year. So that it's a shift in the way the game is the power brokers are now the GM's. Yeah. I just think it's perfect. The whole deal was perfect. I have you heard anybody say, oh, man. That's too bad or back it now. Everybody realizes he had a great Rodney won three titles. They have one in two and a half years. He got a new guy in charge. And I just think this is a good clean way to do it. Well, you know, it's funny to Boccioni ways one of the he might be the best manager ever. I mean, he's definitely one of the best managers I've ever seen. The only reason I would hesitate. You can't say as the best ever with a sub five hundred record. You can because I think you can because he managed in situations. I mean was if the giants if the giants are sub five hundred this year, and I'm Bruce Bochy. No, no. So it's not. So the rhetoric she can't it's like saying some guy is the best home run hitter of all time. And he's only got okay. Here's how I define. Game seven of the World Series. And you can have any manager in the dugout in the history of the game. Are you to go with who are you gonna go with you? Bruce Bochy is almost took re. I mean. Manage the ninety eight Padres the World Series if they didn't run into maybe the greatest team of our lifetime. He may have one that anyone three with the giants and three tries. So I if I asked you I mean to me that's how I define the best manager in the game is who would I want in a game seven of the World Series? And it's being played this year that you can have any manager in history. We go with this is the list. I compile go ahead. Billy Martin Bruce Bochy, sparky Anderson, Tony LaRussa, Whitey Herzog. Dick Williams show, Tori. I'm partial to some of the giants guys like Roger. But Dallas green there's others as fans may say Baumel, I think if who would you say if I said best manager of all time, we going well. And I mean this with all due respect. I don't wanna have to think and break it down like Billy Martin put up with him. I would say Larue greatest managers ever and fired after three years all the time. I'm not saying he was just one game. We're talking about game seven of the World Series. I would say Larue, I I would make easy step and say the third winningest manager of all time, Tony LaRussa. Okay. Okay. That's not bad. But I I just that's it. He has one more in the modern era than anybody dead to me if you gotta start breaking down too much. Well, sometimes you over think it just like who's the greatest hitter of all time. Well, what about I'd say, Ted Williams? You know last guy to hit four hundred. That's all okay. I mean everybody, and that's the thing. There's no right or wrong answer to this. Bobby Cox is another one. I mean, Tony wrestles a better manager than sparky Anderson. Big red machine led the big red machine and then took the Tigers to the World Series. That's it down and say look at the talent that sparky Anderson had. Members LaRussa won the titles with guys who were pumped up on steroids. But he also went to in Saint Louis. Yeah. Mike mcguire. Maguire was there. Yeah. Yeah. So I mean, I'm not trying to denigrate LaRussa, there's no dick old as fans will probably say, dick Williams. Who on the third one there for that was the Chuck Tanner was dark Alvin dark excuse me. You're right. Yeah. To dick Williams one for Alvin dark. So that's, but I mean that to me is how you that's how I decide who who great manager is who would I want in October. And I just think Bruce Bochy when you watch the way he managed in October the tone that he set. I mean, the the as teams that Russa had were awesome teams. Now, he did win one with the cardinals when they were not very good. I think they're working eighty three win team in the regular season or something like that. They were not they were not that great. But look at the teams with bocce one with. I mean seriously. I mean, the twenty ten giants the twenty twelve giants in two thousand fourteen giants were not, you know, one of those teams had travesty. She cow was starting in left field for crying out loud. I just think when I when I look at the the tone that boat she set in October. How confident he was how calm he was the way he handled the bullpen the way he. Handled game seven on the road. He out managed net Joost in Kansas City with way, he brought in Bumgarner and the way he managed that game. How aggressive the giants were early in that game. I I'll I'll take Bruce Bruce. I don't wanna be negative on a day. Like this. Obviously, he's he just announced his retirement. I'm just saying for the sake of the argument. I could just come back and say as great as he was he did let's say what goes sixteen or seventeen games over five hundred this year end his career with a losing record. But he managed the Padres a long long time, isn't that loyalty and that loyalty, and then you can't once again, you you can't you're not going to blame for the giants. Not being good this year. If the giants are sub five hundred so how do you stick that to me? You don't they were over five hundred and had winning seasons. We may not even have seen far hunt. You know, if you wanna get that for what's that? Well, okay. Let's say if he had won the last or had winning records. Last two and a half years. They probably wouldn't have a new general manager, saving probably and and evidence still be there if my grandma had this and she'd be my grandpa grandpa. Thank you. I mean, what kind of point is that? I mean. Losing records. But he's not the general manager. Now, you're having to think too much. I mean, it just you look at the record. How do we know? But how do we say you got to think? No. But you know, what I'm saying? How do we judge people that go in the hall of fame by the numbers? Here's the thing. People could say, well, how about some people say manager of the year award. But that's kinda faulty because it's based on a premise of this is what we think you are. And if you overachieved what we think you are then we're going to make the manager. The you know, we're gonna check Joe Torry didn't win a lot of manager of the year wards, but he won the World Series rings. Yeah. I don't know show me somebody else that won three titles and five you well by the time gets construed by people. I'm Gary was ripping bocce not at all. I'm just talking about all of fame. Let's get a hang on. We'll get to you after Andrew Baguley. We've got extra bags coming in here will break down. Of course, the big news of the mornings at Machado's going to San Diego leaving Harper wide open. Larry had a report there that said Harper in the Phillies, maybe not as hot as it was earlier or at least over the weekend. We'll talk with the great Andrew Baguley uncut next on these sports later, Gary and Larry on KNB.

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