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Our eyes were not made to stare at screens all day dryness migraines and blurry vision or just a few of the reasons you need to protect your eyes now you can look great doing it with a pair of computer classes from felix gray felix gray's lenses are specially designed to filter blue light and eliminate glare from screens which are the two main culprits behind digital i strain their glasses have blue light filtering technology embedded into the lands so they remain effective without the telltale yellow ten or color distortion of other blue light filtering glasses felix gray sprains are handcrafted from premium italian acetate this is the same stuff verse sachy uses seriously they look great everyone can benefit from wearing a pair of felix gray's i love mine i've got the fair a frames in black very stylish felix greg lasse has are available in both nonprescription and reading glasses but i hear prescription is coming soon all orders are free shipping and free returns so you've got nothing to lose except that annoying i strain give your eyes the break they deserve go to felix gray glasses dot com slash money girl to try a pair of felix gray computer glasses and discover a smarter way to work that's felix gray glasses dot com slash money girl felix gray glasses dot com slash money girl okay let's talk about setting your financial goals there are three different types of goals to consider when you're doing financial planning shortterm mediumterm and longterm shortterm financial goals are those you want to achieve within one year you might wanna max out a retirement account buy a new car safe for holiday gift giving or donate a percentage of income to charity if there's one short term goal that i could recommend for you i would say be determined to establish an emergency fund having a cash reserve is key for staying out of financial trouble none of us knows what the future holds when it comes to our income our health or our economy so you got to hope for the best but always planned for the worst by keeping a healthy cash cushion in the bank.

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