Noah Spence, Robert Quinn, Brett discussed on CBB: NCAA play-in games


They have several needs let's face it i mean the defensive end they really need noah spence and and smith to get healthy after winding up on the i r last year you've got they tried to from what i hear bringing robert quinn didn't happen you've got a cornerback situation of brett grinds winds up leaving are they going to bring in malcolm butler tremaine johnson in free agency or are they going to try to fill that hole with a with a guy like nfl ward in the draft so there are plenty of positions that they can look at it i think defensive end as you mentioned offensive guard defensive tackle i think cornerback depending on on the ground situation and then at some point i think they need a better backup at the quarterback position not till later rounds but i think that's an area that they could look so there's a bunch of different places that they could go with that number seven overall pick i mean derwin james would be a possibility if he's still there from florida state like i mentioned corner you've got ward could quit nelson fall to them at number seven until that guard position bradley chubb i don't think falls to seven so are you reaching for markets davenport defensive end or you're gonna try to get your address or somewhere else the best prospect who evaluate from just an injury standpoint because of the pure guard position that he plays he's a great player potentially is a plug and play everybody says ten year pro bowler we expect that but he's a guard.

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