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Somebody that I love and care about and so it really kind of helped me. Wrap my mind around how they could be so vile toward one, another one breath and then so unwaveringly committed to one another in the next breath right in the original cast of the one, thousand, nine, hundred sixty production of the boys in the band some of the actors were gay but not all of them. In the two thousand, eighteen production everyone is an openly gay actor. So how was that for you as an actor? You're the whole experience was more. It was freer right I mean. There was a shorthand I mean first of all, I, went to college with Matt Bomer. I did a movie with Charlie Carver I play with Brian Hutchison. I've known Jim, Parsons and Andrew Reynolds. Years. I have known each other for almost twenty years. So there was a lot of. A Lot. Of Pre existing. Connectivity. And then it was just and then you know. Tuck and Michael Benjamin, Washington Tuck Watkins Michael, Bender Moisture, and rub into his suicide never met before but it was an immediate was like an instant family and can we just have a moment to speak about your hair in the film? Is that a person. That's a it's a hard wig hard with. Your side. It was all like. Separate sideburn pieces and back piece it was it was an intricate wig actually Yeah, the the you know in the play onstage in New York it wasn't as intense. I would say that's another thing I loved about like in New York I got myself ready every night for the play put my own wig on I had to put prosthetics on my face and paint my my pockmarks and do my whole that was my responsibility and it was a huge part of the process of of me getting ready every night and of course, you know when you move to a film production, there's a whole team of people do that for me and so a. Enhanced the experience. Right same taking it up a level kind of Yes for sure. I, mean in same thing with the costumes and everything becomes more about detail when you're in a film. Lou Eric Who's the amazing costume designer when I showed up to my first fitting, and she just unfurled these bolts of jewel toned velvet and was like which one do we want you know and? I was like Oh Guess Emerald Green you know it's like. The level of detail to the the actual period, and then the tie clips in the cufflinks in the boots and the glasses and. All of it was was a really fun.

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