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The green olives that still have the project and they're in the cans they are delicious they're wonderful Robert gray we're going to be a from the Graber all of how it's going to be great you're on what's going on today the nation's food wine travel health wealth and entertainment show also our doctor the Riley a band is going to be here now what Ronnie is an eye health and blue light protection specialist so we're gonna check your eyes during this time of the corona virus a pandemic this in the beginning you're watching your TV all the time people are on their smartphones they're on their their their the debate devices computers or whatever getting all that blue light in there is that good for your eyes and if not what can you do to protect yourself against it now less author day big got a holiday that we always celebrate that's what we got Robert Graber I'm from the great road company taken out of it enjoy it today for gas six olives are used to so many ways you can that you put him in cocktails your martini fan you got an olive you know that other cocktails as well I love olive loaf of bread looks like the brothers got the the the black olives in their home or what all of red tape probably one of my favorites you can eat them as snacks you can use them as toppings about dollars on pizza at relish trays garnish you talk about their their the I'll have one of the most versatile foods that we will ever either around the world there's approximately five hundred different varieties of Allah is a lot of Italy a lot in Greece again we're gonna have Robert gray brown to talk about the American contribution to the olive so this is going to be kind of good there's a lot five hundred varieties of the flavors range from sweet to bitter they also come in a range of colors and sizes too so I enjoy your all is also national registry chicken day is a day that we want to celebrate here on the show today because we're just re check in offers that slow cooking method that seals in the flavor you roast this Anya's secret using rotisserie chicken a whole chicken cooked on a rotisserie of.

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