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A special thing this is an extraordinary teacher obviously I mean she's not just some you know I mean this is the New Hope no no no no it's not well let me just to get to the end because it and she finished it up and it's a tradition is at every pops every year they bring the seniors out on stage each senior tells the crowd where they've accepted their college there the next step and then each one gets a rose and so she at the end of the video she says all right seniors pause this video and go to your front door and Kelsey just stood up and ran to the door and at each seniors out doorstep was a rose and a special note that she somehow was able to drop off at every kid's house and we were bawling because choir means so much to Kelsey it's a community for her and not just school and Mrs Walker's you know it's just been such a a special teacher for her in her life and she's had some you know health struggles over the past couple of years and Jane Mrs Walker's has been just been amazing it's teacher appreciation week to sign an excuse to sing her praises but just not sure if I can answer it was a great idea and as I say she is obviously an extraordinary person an extraordinary teacher to go to that kind of trouble and I'll say this last thing and then I do want to move on I love you W. for your art will say this though that the music programs choir programs at the arch in school matter beyond just the music and the arts that they teach out they complete people and all for a gross to the mind in ways that have been demonstrably shown okay if you go back and look at the development kit that's just I'm not saying you the next Broadway star the next a singing star any of that comes from this program the next great painters sculptors whatever but those programs they enrich the minds of these young people and one of the problems is that of course those I'm frankly you're not getting the funding that the first programs that suffer when funding is cut yeah so anyway she's very lucky to have that program exist an obvious this extraordinary person who's leading it so very very cool over the yeah the font on some of the songs as well we may not be able to physically perform together this video is a reminder that we are still a community that we've always been even from afar and I thought that was pretty special very very special I'm getting a plus absolutely you're gonna hate you in in a six minutes I posted on my Facebook page if you want to check it out but it's yes I was looking for a cut down version because I don't have six minutes practically put you think I am a very very busy a lot of stuff going on six Medicare a lot of changes to roll through this let's write them all down by this is the changes in the bay area so we gotta we gotta get on it because this is that it's it's all now let's break it all down by checking in with today in the base year and consider this morning some of these changes are limited so we kind of gradually have to step through them that's right definitely don't let your guard down more you know just yeah Laura don't let your guard down your your somebody let your guard down a lot lower I've noticed more you know just follow these orders and I know it's tempting but here's the best advice here's the gist for most counties in the bay area these are the changes construction will be allowed of social distancing rules are in place real estate transactions also with new rules in place number we have a construction worker called us a couple weeks ago and say this is ridiculous you know hot were not considered essential and we got to get back to work well now he'll be back to work personally nurseries landscaping allowed with social distancing and some day cares and summer camps limited to twelve children with social distancing as with the construction site getting them back to normal will be a little more complicated it won't be normal inside from the San Francisco's premier office towers managers have been organizing how crews will work under modified Kobe nineteen prevention conditions along with construction realtors are having to follow new rules to show home to get into the building's elevators you know you can only get three or four people in an elevator no that's a good point if you're trying to get people literally to the place of these virtual real estate tours are really helpful but if you're trying to go see the place in person or show the place in person yeah you have to work out the social distancing activists for social distancing so there's there's definitely going to be challenges around that need a mandate is that we can show home virtually and if it's not feasible to show virtually we can do in person showings provided that one agent only is allowed to enter a house with up to two people from the same sheltering household among other businesses that will be allowed to reopen car washes gyms will remain close dog parks and playgrounds are still off limits and you can't schedule any play dates for your kids even though Sunday care are opening in a limited capacity that had to be weird you can't schedule play dates but you know the the schools are open some of them with you know limited numbers of kids all the numbers are not all that small aids for your kids even though Sunday care are opening in a limited capacity and don't rush your favorite restaurant because there is no open seating at the tables but you still can order takeout and back here live if you are heading out for recreational purposes remember do not mix families reporting live I'm sure I could see that backs teacher in conservative thank you and thank you NBC bay area for that that does break it down in fairly simple ways but you can see that there's also an aspect of this which is gonna have to do with enforcement right no doubt no doubt and in in some cases people are not going to want to open up there I mean they have the option if you're of say a landscaper are you own a nursery what have you I mean there there may be cases where people just don't want to bring their employees back and put them at risk of catching call the nineteen yeah of course you're right and that's a point of been making from the very beginning it's like not always a question of of of whether the orders in place or not the question of whether people are confident enough yeah I'm feeling secure enough to go out into whatever establishment it is our turn into whatever activity it is I didn't realize though how much a part of day care hi it is of the economy and and how much the economy depends on daycare right I mean obviously that point has been made by governor Gavin Newsom and they are opening up these pop up childcare centers all over California for some of the first responders and healthcare workers and things like that but gosh think about that I mean it in order to get the economy moving again we have to get the daycare the moving again and in order to do that you got a social distance so I think it's good that they're rolling out these rules to keeps the same twelve people died in twenty twelve kids together and social distancing at the same time but I think it's gonna take a lot of staff members as well yeah if there is it's good and and we're moving tentatively what's happening nationwide is some version of this some some of these versions are very aggressive yeah you know essentially opening everything up and some are much more tentative but the or even more conservative yes Sir but I I think that we'll have to see as the next month or so develops what kind of spike we have an infection that's it as I said before the number of people are going to be infected is not really changed by any of these state homeowners the the array at which people are infected that does change so we're essentially trying to protect the health care system note down from from things just flying off the scale all workers at the Santa Cruz hospital was my favorite story of the day by the way massive donation that god it was an anonymous donation for their work during the pandemic an anonymous note left at dignity health Dominican hospital with a one million dollar donation well you can leave me out of that I don't have him take me if you're considering that maybe it was something I did the note read thank you for standing up and staying up to care for our community this human kindness is what makes you have a relic the gift was entirely for employees so full time staff get eight hundred dollars each and part timers get six hundred dollars each and so it's not great yeah yeah I mean it's not just for that particular hospital but if you're a healthcare worker in your hearing somebody give a donation like that I mean how cool is that it's tough enough to to lift your spirits in your morale of course of course you terrific and then you know that's the best of people you have this thank goodness there's a little because we're all just looking at all the good news that you see some jerk who wears a KKK hood while grocery shopping near San Diego yeah officials are responding after photos circulating on social media over the weekend apparently show a man wearing a make shift klu Klux Klan hood while grocery shopping at vons in a San Diego suburb I'm gonna statement city officials expressed outrage and said the man's entire depicted a symbol of hatred the citizens involves employees took steps to address the situation is the quote from the mayor of San T. many thanks to all who stepped forward to curtail the sad reminder of intolerance it's just amazing and the guys wearing literally a you know a KKK one of those you know white things with the yeah the pointed tip oh gosh just discuss it really do you have to in without my confusion with the Santa Cruz hospital employees getting the you know because I want people to embrace the sadness and negativity that's out there Brad we did just get a text in a text line it says a beautiful brat thank you for sharing the very best for your daughter and your family you and your wife was the amazing parents that's from Carol our people here with sweet stuff right now yeah maybe you and Carol should do your own show together I'm gonna just go into my room does appear and sit under the bed and talk about bad news it when we come back about some cocaine give a cocaine story in your I didn't think so I found one okay let's just a little diversion nothing to do with cover nineteen Bottomley are we talking to a Stanford CO Stanford hospital about a re emerging from covert nineteen and starting up surgeries there at Stanford that's going to begin and that we will continue our mini Swansea better level talks so much.

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