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Especially medical related but yeah there's you know this is a whole new realm of veterinary medicine nowadays so graduating veterinarians. Now he can have classes in just specifically reptiles Laboratory species animals like mice and rats So there's a whole lot of specialization that you can get nowadays for me when i came through school Had to learn a lot of this in continuing education on the job but the the now graduating veterinarians are so specialized. It's really amazing. There's so much to know okay. So if you want to talk to dr debbie about your lizards what do they call hemi penis penis or hemi say they only knows inside my dodge durango but now i can see the correlation between the two. Because that's one powerful engine if you wanna talk to her about your dogs or cats any animals that you have from the free animal radio app for iphone and android blackberry and laurie. News is just about ten minutes less than ten minutes away. What do you have coming up all right so then serious now. Drug problems in one of a big animal industry in this country. And it's really shocking. You won't believe the drug that we're talking about okay. That leaves my mind going there okay. That's on the way in just a couple of minutes right here on animal. Animal radio stick around well. This healthy serving of animal radio is brought to you by red barn. of course. your dog's favorite treat company now in the cable business with the i five ingredients featuring real animal protein. This meal is sure to satisfy your dogs carnivore cravings because your dog loves meat and no red barn loves your dog visit red barn dot com and use the promo code animal radio for ten percent of your purchase. That's red barn. Dot com with promo code animal radio.

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