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Myself continental kid. So you did what i for. What does that mean at the amtrak. Pass the train that runs across the country. So you've been on an amtrak just going around the country. I pretty much went up Under the canada border and down the west coast san fran and got on two days ago and about to get back in chicago are you. Are you just riding around or are you getting off and seeing these places we got off a little bit check things out and may get safer that in san francisco seattle and Literally atop been listening to you everyday man has backed ram cancer. So it's interesting to me so you don't i mean you're not really you're getting out and getting something to eat but for the most part you're just kind of spending the time on the train right. Oh yeah they've got a dining car. We're eight eight and five. Are you looking out the window and seeing stuff. I'm seeing more corn and soybeans than you're saying downtown. So are you enjoying it. yeah. I've got my feet propped up with my girlfriend my latin my wife's lap. We're just having big pay. Your girlfriend is in your wife's lap. Yeah you know you'll local radio it's okay well so you have a girl you have a wife right. Let me correct that okay. So now. what's the total lane very well. But i'm gonna mentioned her name. I don't even know what that means but you where. How long is this trip. Total for you joe. We've been we've been and on and off for seven days now eight days. And how much do you have left. We're we're little bitty of omaha and back cargo. Say we're gonna get tonight about six thirty. We're sort of choice on the rail freight freight cars. You got the number one shot so we have to pull over while. Let him go by. Well well listen. It sounds like quite a vacation. Just right the country on the name track with your feet up. I hope you enjoyed it and it was nice here in from you. Yeah so we'll tell you about that song. Robert randolph has has take the party wherever you go tales about all the sec schools. Pretty good sound candidates know about it. They found anything. he's not cultured. Like a thank you very much. Joe i appreciate it to tom. Longtime who on there you go. What an interesting. I like that idea you by plane to or a train ticket and you don't get off you. just stay there until it brings you back home. It's interesting one ticket. Would you wanna do that. Just kind of go around on a train for eight days. I don't think so. No i don't want to do with you in a car but we stop. We stopped when you wanna stop. The train stopped whether scheduled stops are. That'd be i've had to pee. So bad i'm gritting my teeth wall map. Leases is one time that ain't true that's a lie. He's just lied. I did we stop a lot. 'cause i like to start. He's c- he tries to play dramatic. You go been hanging out with. Courtney love out there at the bar. Hey it's j- this july noce. Linda farms wants to give you more so go to noce. Linda farms in no c. h. e. linda farms dot com. Use the promo code k. Sr more and for every fifty dollars you spend. You're going to get one pound of dried ground beef free. It's pretty good right. Yeah kentucky's not. Linda farms is in paris there farm-to-table supplier of dried beef ryan and drew. Been eating this beef up like it's out of style and their kentucky proud partner. How much do you like it ryan. It is so good. The stakes are good. That ground beef. There's just something about it just makes it so much more tasty than regular ground beef rib by new york strip ground beef filet mignon. It's all their visit. Noce linda farms dot com or call. Eight five nine seven seven seven thousand four. They offer next day farm pickup or free delivery on purchases over one hundred dollars. It's noce j. linda. Farms dot com. We'll take a break and come back final segment on more the k. Sr blue lights across the bluegrass county by county. Virtual tour presented by kentucky office of highway safety after this guy talk to that jones and the crew called the clark's pump and shop phone line at five zero two five seven one eighty or one eight seven seven nine hundred eighty nine now back to kentucky sports radio on talk radio. Five back biz marquee. Who died this weekend. This song. Everyone knows so yeah exac. This is a happy song. Yep does anyone know this so seriously. If you're listening. I don't care what age you are. I bet you've heard this song so if you haven't text text machine seven seven seven seven four five two five four and explain who you are. They radio rondos. I'd bet he does. He's on the phone. let's ask him radio.

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