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Wait what was over sixty two hundred fifty pounds okay and this was like in the early nineteen hundred so but girl big girl and to give you an idea two hundred pounds is ninety one kilo grams so she would basically like get these trunks delivered and then she would like basically toss him on her shoulder and just carry them like they were nothing is kind of the point she would keep the shutters of her house closed day and night and farmers traveling past would see her digging in the hog pen at night so like she was only ever seen at night and she was always digging in the hog pen an elderly widower from iona wisconsin named old be buds berg that doesn't even sound like a real name his name is o l e ob buds berg got it came next he was last seen alive at the laporte savings bank on april sixth nineteen o seven when he mortgaged his wisconsin land signing over a deed and obtaining several thousand dollars in cash convenient olbi buzz burg's son oskar and matthew had no idea that their father had gone up to visit belle gunness so when they discovered where he had gone they contacted her and she promptly responded saying she didn't know what they were talking about and had never seen him inconveniently for bill that guy she hired ray lamb fear who is helping her with chores around the house run on the farm had fallen deeply in love with her of course he would do any tour for her no matter how grueling it was and he thought that he and gun us were going to get married so every time a new guy came he would get extremely jealous and start making a scene so on february third nineteen o eight she finally fired him and then she went to the laporte courthouse and declared that ray was not in his right mind and was a menace to the public but he was released and she would keep coming back to the jail or to the courthouse to say ray needed to be arrested because he was harassing her and her family and so finally he was arrested for trespassing.

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