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To the team's hotel lookie here when one who'll when the one dude was tortured to death for allegedly lifting a propaganda poster in north korea that's a horror it's a nightmare and a crime against all human rights these guys shoplifted is long as china treats them with dignity and and within their justice system then face the consequences you go to a foreign country representing your school and you decide that steel some louis vitton stuff and you get positive for shoplifting well enjoy the chinese justice system i guess we see how it goes yet see any need to you for the president to make some tearful plea to get him off though absolutely john lifting boss absolutely not you committed a crime now the chinese system it could be a month until they even right down the charges they'll keep him in jail and figure out what the charges are and often it takes you know uh three four five weeks looks like did he is had another change your heart he now wants you'd know he was just joking when he said he wanted to change is named brother love well ladies and gentlemen today they have come to the conclusion that you can play around with the internet due tool overwhelming response from the media out there and is due to they're not wanting to be any confusion rose only joking okay in changed my name is just part of one of my whole to egos all right that's enough of that when you see the all now with plan daddy did e p diddy thing that was all a joke too so this latest one was indistinguishable from the other joke so go away his tried to clear the air once again is a threat your news i marshall full of camp strung getty show the voice of the west why did donna brazile once shunned hilmi effing kill the fing done the stay tune for that story for anti foul rhetoric check in on the latest greatest with.

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