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Capital, One NA member FDIC, the ninth road win for Jordan Bennington. This postseason is rookie goalie that came in this is when they were dead last in January. Yeah. The season's pretty much turned around. And then this kid got pulled in game three and he's been standing on his head like an exclamation point. He passes, Ron Hextall eight road wins in the nineteen eighty-seven postseason for most road playoff wins by a rookie goalie in a single postseason in NHL history that your old gen stat right here in the rich Eisen show. Chain starts. The poll questions brought to you by man versus food on cooking channel as you got cook up over there. Chris, this is what we're doing. Today off the Carson Wentz is huge four year extension yesterday nearly thirty million one hundred million dollars guaranteed. Let's take a look at who's going to win more games over the next four seasons at the four year extension who's gonna win more games than the next four years Carson Wentz, just got paid Nick. Foles. Soomro MVP just got paid by Jacksonville Jared Goff. He's kind of up next to get paid by congress. Angeles Rams Dak Prescott up next to get paid by the Dallas Cowboys win more games over the next four years, karston foles Goff, deck. That's right. We'll the Cowboys give Dak Prescott in annual eight figure salary that averages out to the point where it's a three in front of it just like what the eagles did for Carson Wentz thirty two million a year annually. We'll the Cowboys do that for Dak who, by the way, has three more postseason starts in one more postseason win than Wentz who's. Last postseason start came at North Dakota state. And then there's Jared Goff. You think hey, he doesn't deserve that sort of money. What's he done? He's played in the Super Bowl so whence who shares the same agent with golf. That's the floor for less need in the Los Angeles Rams to hit. I'm sure in the mind of his agent. Get ready for that. It's common it's common Joe banner who spent many a moon in the front office of the National Football League as a team president for both Browns and eagles also helped shop for the groceries when Andy Reid was there in Philadelphia. He'll be joining us in our number three to make heads or tails of that Tate. Donovan the actor in our number three as well. But when we come back richeisenshow becomes the painted area Huby Brown from Oakland. That's next on the rich Eisen show. I am sports broadcaster. Anne, Marie Anderson. I'm Olympia and Holly mcpeak were both former athletes business women and mothers, and we want to help you create the life. You want using sports like a boss. Whether you're.

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