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Oh and thirdly anybody who's getting involved it's if you're running a railroad and indicates that they have a close the loop you could argue yes if i could earn more money on the traffic i have a be willing to spend more money to upgrade the infrastructure uh you know this this is in some ways sort of an argument that kind of begs the question uh everybody's gonna come back and say look if i could optimize wherever returns i would through you know they greater amount of investments at an issue so in a in some respect that these are companies that on their own or sufficiently profitable the aren't regulated to the extent that utilities have been in the past in which their rates of return were caps on the investments that they made and you know maybe they're trying to rely upon people's mindset that this might be something that's the case but it's not necessarily so in dealing with the fcc or specifics dealing with these companies who obviously are quite well off on their own already to begin with well david east if they're not going to raise prices does this matter well it means the issue really boils down to is that in you really trust the fox to run the henhouse and so from that standpoint they may say they're not going to raise prices but what in effect is going perhaps prevent them from doing so and doing so in a manner that is less than public at least the benefit that you get from the standpoint of having a regulatory agencies such as the fcc oversee this process and be the one who does have determinative power in this case perhaps leads to a situation where it's more likely that something of a utility nature these companies would be upheld rather than looking at possibly dysfunctional outcome of having differential pricing and having the creation of a digital divide that affects not just consumers but also businesses david garrity c l and g d a research and of course june grass and legal experts and bloomberg radio halliste acts here with us as well thank you to both of you i very much for breaking the sound it a lot of interesting issues and right now we are hoping i suppose to get some clarity in the near future although this is probably going to be dragged on for a while i as the attorneys check.

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