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They have to take care of the ball savior had 19 turnovers in the first game versus ST John's. You have to be strong with the ball, be aware Of Them chasing you down from behind. After you get by them. They're really good at gonna flicking the ball. Once you beat him. It's not over because they keep pursuing you, Joe, and if you don't have good awareness or not strong with the ball They'll come behind and pick and and just kind of pop it out from behind you. They get a lot of those turnovers that way. So Zabrze cannot let Then get out in transition by by turning the ball over. Secondly, you gotta be able to score in the open court. There's gonna be a lot of two on ones three on Tuesday after you break the press. Xavier's got to be willing to make those plays and a lot of times show they're going to kind of Gonna dare you to go to the basket. They played kind of non traditional in that they don't always keep their body between the ball in the rim. So you haven't Elaine to go to the basket. You just have to be one to go ahead and make the play. And lastly, they've got to make outside shots. Avery was over 12 in their last game against Saint John's yet somehow Found a way to win. You've got to spread them out space them by knocking down jumpers. Xavier will get open looks in transition after they beat the press. They just have to Have the ability to make those shots it league play. ST. John allows the most points of any team in the Big East. That's impolite plan just under 77 points of all game. It's interesting, too, that Xavier, we could look for assist Savior, a second in the league behind Villanova, filling over average of 17 assist a ballgame. The ST John's in the Musketeers. There was 16 just underneath Villanova. So some similarities to these ball clubs. The fact that Xavier Second League in steals ST John's first in the league in steals. I like your your keys to the game. I think. Turnovers, points generated offer turnovers. Uh, maybe the whole story tonight? Yeah, Joe, and I think Xavier's gonna be better served better prepared to play against that kind of pressure because They've just dealt with it before. And the reason you know, going back to what? You were just talking about The reason why I think ST John's gives up the most points is because they just kind of dare you They never. They.

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