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Out sports at 15 and 45 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red and now rob wood fork. All right, got a real barn burner here on Monday Night Football, the San Francisco forty-niners in front of the LA ram 7 to 6 as we are more than midway through the second quarter out west. Matthew Stafford, 11 of 16, but just 82 yards passing. He's been sacked twice for totally nearly 20 yards in losses. Jimmy Garoppolo off to a slow start himself, the lone touchdown so far tonight, Jeff Wilson with a 32 yard score and by the way is three other carries Italian just two yards. Now, if you think it's rainy and gray outside here, just check out the mood of the one in three Washington commanders in their fans. A defeat in Dallas at the hands of the hated cowboys never sits well, but especially when it comes against a career backup. The slump further in the NFC east basement. Coach Ron Rivera spoke in depth about how much he shares your frustration burgundy and gold faithful. I just think that we should be better than we are. But you look at some of the things that were positive and we'll build on that. And I think on the offensive side, running the ball, doing a better job of protections this past week compared to what it was the week before is a step in the right direction. The injury gods giveth and taketh away, Brian Robinson is expected to return practice Wednesday, you could play Sunday against the Titans, but Jahan dotson will miss a week or two with a hamstring injury and the already decimated offensive line could be without Sam Cosby for a while due to a hand injury this according to multiple reports. The nationals and mets postponed tonight's game due to rain they'll play a straight double header tomorrow starting at four ten and right now the Orioles. Hey, they might actually get this one in, man. It's on top of the 8th inning over at Camden yards. The Blue Jays lead four to one. Rob woodfork WTO sports

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