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Was the fbi spying on trump's campaign no they were not they were spying on a term i don't pick on what the russian forgive me oh my gosh all right a little bit of spy gate update here and then we'll get onto the burning question whether men or women are better navigators it if you have an opinion on that please jump on board delayed six thirty p m a l this passage with you know with james clapper undergoing the withering cross examination of that crap interviewer joy behar the fbi spying on trump's campaign no they were not they were spying on l so donald trump tweets out well james clapper all but admitted that the the fbi was spying on my campaign or know exactly he said had a spy in my campaign which is demonstrably true there was a spy in the campaign injected into the campaign for the sole purpose of talking to those people and getting information but here's how anderson cooper began his segment last night on a c three sixty got a concerted effort by president trump and others that maybe george orwell recognize he's amping up what for all intents and purposes is deception campaign branding confidential f b i source who reportedly contacted three figures in this campaign to assess any russian efforts regarding the election as a deep state spy directed at the campaign the associated press reporting he spied deliberately because it suggested something nefarious going on in fact there's no evidence there was that this was anything other than the kind of individual used all the time in counterintelligence investigation honestly i think one of them more more disturbing than the fbi doing this counterintelligence operation full of electronic surveillance faisal warrants and yes confidential human sources which is a spy against the trump campaign to gather information about the trump campaign in a clandestine fashion without letting them know secretly syrup tissue under false pretenses to get information from them honestly worse than that is the media buying into this you wanna talk or weli ian anderson cooper this orwellian narrative that you cannot call a spy a spy.

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