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A lesson he learned from where we are and lastly we're proud that we introduced a test we need to get some more tests out there in a rapid form we're excited about that we forget your ministration very closely in the FDA we're very grateful for that because it's a real quick rapid antibody tests that need as well so really proud with your ministration all going well thanks so much thank you so thank you all very much and for the great job you're doing it's really incredible frankly many of the states are stocked up some of them don't admit it but they have we have sent just so much as so many things to them and including ventilators you know there's a question as to hoarding the ventilator some hospitals and independent hospitals in some hospital chains as we call them they are holding ventilators and I wanna let him up we need them for certain areas when those big problems can't hold them if they think there might be a problem weeks down the road so where do we delivered a lot in this group has been really fantastic we want to thank you because you PS and fed ex in particular you've gotten absolutely out of your way so so we appreciate everything you've done and delivered the federal government continues to mobilize every resource to make sure our frontline doctors and nurses have the equipment needed to save American lives yesterday I visited naval station Norfolk as the USNS comfort departed for New York three weeks ahead of schedule fully loaded was twelve operating rooms.

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