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Uh he di di di what a what a what a deal he sold to his old bodies a share harry it's disgraceful right beyond disgraceful i mean forty filled with marlet team what are you what he donny either darren maybe he's uh maybe isn't go he's doing a part not to mention he he got a bunch of he didn't use hardly any of his own money to buy this team he probably got all these other investors to command and then what's he dili ripped his team that he pies apart uh and hopes up the yankees it's a setup iron that does you hate you either hire you always hated solicit what is what does even doing owning a team when he doesn't have enough money to pay for it when he's got to get all these people this year and then it give the this is an this is insane what the marlins what he baseball mind it's worth baseball my uh uh harry harry let's use your football mind here and go over this prop will the winner of this week's patriotssteeler game represent the afc in the super bowl yes minus three hundred no his plus two hundred i don't see a ton of value in the in the yes here what do you think uh uh uh you know i know you know i like to take on their dogs but i'm still i gotta lean towards the favorite uh at minus three hundred look uh if it the pats of law look pat's wife sixteen games after loss or fourteen and two uh i think they're gonna probably win the game pittsburgh is playing not on fire with fire even though they've won eight straight uh sticks of them have been by sticks pointer less in on the last three they won by three in the last three they won by uh uh three as a fourteen point dog to green bay there were extremely fortunate to beat cincinnati by three in baltimore by one bought it pittsburgh does closed uh a closest came out and beat the patriots they closed with houston and cleveland so if they uh do win this game they will have the number one seed and have only lost one home playoff game since two thousand two thousand eight so that uh good on the pittsburgh side.

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