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Call you to the method of payment should tip you off money pack hard green dot card this is a huge red flag if somebody is demanding immediate payment with this type of gift card to tennis it is happening a lot we've definitely seen an increase of these scammers targeting customers by phone across the entire bay area but specifically a lot more more than double the amount here in the north main along the north coast compared to this time last year you get a call like this antenna says you should call PGA Andy and police Bob Buttler KCBS Hayward man and his family arrived at their Airbnb in south Lake Tahoe and found more than they bargained for mercury news results of reports rather that the families nine year old son open the bedside drawer to find a loaded gun and a sheriff's deputy's badge both apparently belong to a Santa Clara county sheriff's deputy who had previously stated the home and left behind the police badge and a pistol which officials say was his personal fire arm the sheriff's office confirmed today that both items belong to one of its deputies and has launched an internal investigation how also police arrested for women in connection with grab and run robberies at the Stanford mall Macy's store police were called to the mall Sunday afternoon after a woman saves said that she spotted the four suspects stealing arm loads of clothing and shoes she began taking video of the suspects involved them to a parking garage where she called the police and gave descriptions of the women and their vehicle police found that vehicle and the four women in east Palo alto along with five thousand dollars worth of stolen merchandise with the threat of a media fiction looming supporters of five homeless moms and their kids are now blocking this spears leading to the empty west Oakland home where the women have been swatting since mid November is KCBS reporter Holly Quan tells us the sheriff's department is hoping to work out a non confrontational solution by this Friday's judge ordered deadline Dominique Walker one of the five month inside the home near thirtieth in magnolia points to doctor Martin Luther king junior who broke unjust laws in the name of progress we are prepared to not leave we won't resist but we will practice nonviolence did civil disobedience this as sheriff's deputies are expected to remove the women sometime this week and turn the property over to its legal owner a southern California investment group surgery Kelly says he reached out to the moms attorney and to the city council woman for the area to figure out a way for deputies not to have to come in and remove families want children to feel safe especially when they see law enforcement we're not looking for conflict like that so the children are a priority for sure the moms are a priority as well as the community members in our officers who have to go in there and deal with the situation our priority in west Oakland Holly Quan KCBS governor Gavin Newsom is on a weeklong statewide tour promoting is one billion dollar effort to address California's growing homeless crisis governor begin the trip today touring a program northeast of Sacramento that provides health assistance and low barrier housing newsman's face criticism from president trump for failing to adequately address homelessness additional tour stops include here in the bay area the Central Valley and Los Angeles county California woman accused of throwing menstrual blood it legislators was ordered by a judge to stay away from the state capitol while awaiting trial Rebecca DeLeo did not enter a plea today and will return to Sacramento county Superior Court next month to face charges of vandalism assault on public officials the forty three year old Santa Cruz County resident allegedly through the blood it senators in September shouting that's for the dead babies the lego was with the group protesting vaccination legislation just ahead on KCBS this is Matt Bigler in Hayward where police are investigating the city's first and second homicides of the year one of which happened outside an Airbnb rentals what are the hours first check of KCBS traffic at five oh eight two Kim Vestal has that for us give me checking things out from your local Honda dealers traffic center and I'm looking at traffic jammed up now in both directions on the name it says interstate eighty in Fremont because of a new crash south bound at Thorton Avenue that's been blocking the second lane from the left other cars on the right hand shoulder north bound was already slam so and now it slammed in both directions and that will take the case basis TV camera to Oakland and check some delays here John I got the normal delays he's found five eighty out of the major gonna find it often on stopping go out be on highway thirty thirteen toward seminary but then there's another pocket of slowing eastbound approaching golf swings road that's where the CHP just rolling up on scene with reports of an injury crash left lane shut down and also no clean your ride south bound on eight eighty through downtown that's pretty slow but that's also pretty typical no new accidents they're not bad on eastbound twenty four as you make your way out of Oakland towards the call the caught the usual slowing to and through the call the cut and then it was pretty well so when stretches as you continue into Orinda and Lafayette really jammed up though at the wall that creek interchange where six eighteen twenty four meats and just getting word day in the Sierra Nevada some snow chains required right now on interstate eighty eastbound from king veil to Donner and westbound from Donner lake to rainbow next update at five eighteen on the tragically.

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