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Us and south korea president trump has been tweeting about special prosecutor robert muller today in the past he's referred just to witch hunt yesterday and today mentioning muller by name some senators from his own party you're saying he should not even be thinking about firing muller and the white house council has come out and said that he is not vladimir putin to nobody's surprise has been elected to serve a fourth sixyear term so rally after the election in red square seventy two percent of the vote now it's fishery beneficially rubber stamped officially president she has been given a unanimous vote to remain president global news twenty four hours a day powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries in san francisco i'm ed baxter this is bloomberg doug all right ed thanks so much fifty past the hour bloomberg daybreak asia and a closer look now at the retirement of hong kong billionaire li kashing who stepped down last friday as chairman of his two biggest companies c k hutchinson and ck asset holdings we're going to look a little more closely at this now with bloomberg's bruce horn who joins us in the studio in hong kong bruce pleasure to have you on the program so now that lee steps aside the son victor steps in and we'll be calling the shots right that's correct victor lee has been training for this moment for over three decades and so now he's fine finally going to be taking the helm talk us through a little bit more about this empire hong kong is lake hushing but perhaps our audience and it's company basically on everything from what you buy in the supermarket to your electricity grid it's a huge deal that he's stepping down reinvigorating these businesses i mean is he up to the challenge do you think it's a it's a good question as you point out the stocks are down today in monday trading here in hong kong it's not a surprise of course that he's taking over and his father designated him officially a couple years ago as the air so this is something that everyone has expected still leak hushing as such an iconic figure his departure really does have major symbolic importance and the the companies that that victor is inheriting they're largely they largely oldeconomy companies ports bricks and mortar stores they have done some investing.

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