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Protected. There's probably not a bonus coming your way. And for sure the extra part of your checking come in that way. And there's another factor involved in here as well. Not only are you just robbing this person, essentially, they feel that way of the money, right? You don't have much money to win do need every opportunity to collect every single dollar. The other reality here independent what the rules of the customs say is that there's a degree of honor involved. I don't think that there's a whole lot of valor in taking a beating when we already know you're tough. There are moments that it's time to prove you're tough. And then there are moments where we kind of already know, and it doesn't really serve a purpose again. Whether this one of the situations is the one that we're talking about or not is is a separate point. But I do think that when you're not competing for much money that much money as you should be making anyway, and you're gonna lose half if they stop it and more to the point in MMA, one of the reason. Why everyone is so sensitive in the sport. And they can't tolerate any degree of even quite fair criticism is because it's a bit of an honor culture. Right. So we valorize taking a beating. It's why everyone is always walking on eggshells about their opinions. Whether it's media or fighters or any other kind of figure everyone is very very careful about what they say import because you have to see everybody else. But important because it's an honor culture people are trying to preserve their honor. Listen to the tweet lots of people complaining about Magnus corner, not stopping and have never stepped foot in a cage and fought for money. He's talking one about the need to make that money and get every opportunity you can because there's not much of an opportunity to make much money generally to just have someone take it away, very very difficult. And he's also talking about the honor of it all if you don't have much money that you're going to win. Anyway, part of what you can preserve is your sense of honor. And that is a big component here that has nothing to do with the rules the rules. Don't speak about this at all on the rules. Don't inside. Devise any change in those incentives there two things utterly divorced. You wanna get better corner? Stoppages there's probably a variety of ways to get them. You want to get more proactive corner. Stoppages there's probably variety of ways to get them. It will come when the rules and the language and the customs cohere with the actual incentives that fighters face what Tom Lawlor quite correctly is observing here is that there is a whatever the rule, say, whatever the custom say, and whatever people who'd never fought in a cage for money say here's the reality that we're facing if they are that divorced and they are that far apart. You're never really going to make headway in obvious ways to raise pay. But there's probably other ways as well that are worth exploration. But you're never even going to come close. You're never going to happen. As long as there's the fighter and rule set. Utterly divided by an ocean of competing, non overlapping values and incentives. They'll ever make any sense in boxing. They're much more closely aligned you have a bit of a father, son relationship and training. You have guys who have been through the ringer who understand what they're looking at when they see somebody in a particular predicament and went to make that call when not to make that call. They know guys have a higher upside if they can stay healthy and make more money over the long term. They have a lot of guaranteed purses. You don't even hardly see any splits in boxing. So all these different factors. Put it in alignment. There's no alignment in may. So I can get up here and say, whatever I want about any issue related to this as long as the fighters feel like that is utterly divorced from the rules in which and the customs in which and the incentives in which they operate there will be no progress. All right. That's the way in here. What is next? Oh, yes. About this time now, ladies and gentleman for the Monday morning analysts..

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